1. Preston County is West Virginia's Siberia. There's a lot of cool stuff there and the Kingwood/Bruceton Mills area has some rentals. You're relatively close to big cities if you want to go (Pittsburgh/DC) and you're pretty isolated in some parts of the county. It's really cheap especially compared to Morgantown, but you can still go to Morgantown and enjoy some "big city" amenities.

  2. Great, I was going to suggest the Terra Alta area

  3. If you get overwhelmed and not sure what to do, just go back to personnel and do some cbls or poke around on the Wire. If nothing else this will give you a chance to set a few minutes and collect your thoughts. If people lead is there try talking to them. Let them know what trouble you are having

  4. He got ated before he could do the eating

  5. Original Top Gun. Up on thr flight deck, in the dark with the lighting, the steam and noise. Such a visceral feeling

  6. One under the drawers I'd probably for a clothes hamper or trash can

  7. Yes there is. "The center" is third person, singular; should have used "does not"

  8. Heat a pin red hot, touch it ti inconspicuous place, plastic or rosin melts, bone doesn't.

  9. Tell them you must have compensation for the days you didn't work because of the misunderstanding,

  10. Elongated shape makes me think butternut

  11. I pulled this mail out of my tire. I have never seen a nail with the little copper wire on it. Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place for it. Hardware sub is computer stuff.

  12. Roofers throw all their trash on an open trailer with a mesh floor and all the fines sift out on the highway on their way to the dump.

  13. 54k volt is acceptable in zero g but not optimal, I’ve had better luck with fusion pods

  14. There is the plug in Flux capacitor which I think holds 750 jigavolts. It's made in Lower Canada, South Minnesota, I think , that optimizes the battery power.

  15. I had some great ones growing, way up there maybe 12 feet, headed ready to bloom and some little bastard climbed up and ate them off.

  16. What am I missing? I see a piece of ceiling tile in the tub and a damaged plaster ceiling???

  17. Parkersburg Catholic shares Bennet Stump field with Parkersburg High, Williamstown may play some games there too but I think their main field is at American Legion in Williamstown by the river. Don't hold me to these as it's been a while

  18. Take extra 10 minutes for lunch,

  19. User ID is first and second initial plus first 5 letters of last name

  20. Check with House Handles, the will be best place to find a replacement

  21. Excellent job spinning the camera around, makes me feel like I'm at an amusement park

  22. Reckon he and wife shop Walmart groceries on his day off?

  23. Slot it and use a screwdriver

  24. Maybe not much work will be done today

  25. Yep, scroll down to "Report an Absence "

  26. Onewalmart. If you are new they should have shown you how to use that page, it requires 2 step verification.

  27. I'd call him a thumb screw

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