1. Yep if you claim that you have FREEDOM of speech than it cant have limits. Thats why freedom of speech is stupid thing

  2. This is the ONLY right answer as to why it isnt happening. France WILL NEVER accept a Muslim state in the EU.

  3. You mean economic and political? They accepted a multitude of nations which had those problems. The difference was they weren't Muslim.

  4. Yeah, we suck but I closely follow the European basketball. I love the intensity.

  5. I genuinely had more fun leveling up in Lost Ark than I had in this beta. Gathering, exploration, random events, questing, and zone completion were all better in my opinion.

  6. right, and in my opinion it still has more to offer from the MMO perspective than the D4 beta did. Everyone's got their jimmies rustled because they think I'm saying Lost Ark's leveling is good. I'm just saying its MMO "feel" is more complete.

  7. UK doing amongst the most to stop a war on the continent .

  8. People have different opinions... yes, thank you for that valuable piece of information.

  9. Why did you erased your first comment though? :D

  10. It's better than political islamists , you cant have dialogue with a guy whos threatening ally with invasion and bombing.

  11. I doubt the Turkish government will change their aggressive external policy... so for us, probably nothing will change. I hope for the Turkish citizens though things will get better.

  12. Because Germans are using Greek symbols to sell something with a Turkish name. I expected Turks and Greeks to put differences aside and fight this monstrosity.

  13. Sure, I'm sure you didn't expect the usual nationalist food drama.

  14. Job application μετά απο μερικές μήνες μάθησης προγραμματισμού?

  15. Come to Romania or Bulgaria and see that it is something normal in fact.

  16. Guy doesn't need to change countries he needs to climb out of his basement. There's SHITLOADS of nudist beaches in Greece and lots of women go topless in hotel pools.

  17. I still don't get why developers keep attempting the whole "player-driven" approach, when countless games have tried that and almost always fail. There are so many problems with that that are incredibly difficult to solve - toxicity, griefing, etc. You want to take pretty much the worst part of gaming and make it your central pillar.

  18. I get what you're saying but SWTG and Eve did it and there's ex Eve-devs in this. So maybe we can still hope.

  19. For me, nothing compares to a well made Kakavia with fresh fish.

  20. Now we like Taste Atlas! Now they aren't ignorant westoids anymore!!!11 :D

  21. Actually these lists are made by a Croatian living in Bulgaria

  22. I'm just quoting what people were saying about the taste atlas lists the few last times they were posted.

  23. Nationalists are idiots wherever they are. I don't see why a Greek one with access to photoshop would be any different?

  24. I don't think Photoshop was around when these were made :)

  25. Why should it "not be a thing"?

  26. Rent has gone up in Greece and electricity as well. I have 2 Greek colleagues who both moved to work in our company from Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki) to Sofia in the past couple of months.

  27. Ogey is just a way of typing okay for me.

  28. It is just mind-blowing how old olive trees can get.

  29. My absolute favourite tree. They are incredibly resilient, always green, their wood is and smells lovely, they produce olive oil and we even use the pips for heating.

  30. Other than burning, there's local craftsmen than use them for simple eating, carving, serving appliances and wooden containers like salad/fruit bowls.

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