1. Win now what? This team cant even win a single playoff game let alone a championship and I dont think getting humiliated in the first round helps the team much. If you dont believe me just look at the Knicks season after last year’s “playoff experience”.

  2. This team is far more talented than that Knicks team tho. It’s a fallacy to compare them. Randle was the best player on that team. You’ve got two legit stars. This team has been together one year. How can you be talking about dipping into the lottery?

  3. Lottery is a side prize tbh not my main goal for this team. Main goal is if we fail enough by missing the playoffs then hopefully AKME would make some bold moves this offseason to significantly improve this roster. It’s not about this season, it’s about the next seasons.

  4. Guys a lot of times can get paid off of stats. It absolutely is a thing

  5. Pam’s “one job” is to be a parent to her child.

  6. Her one job in this case was to record the recital

  7. Bro this is the Dunder Mifflin subreddit, Pam can literally do no wrong because she is something greater than human therefore not capable of being wrong and making mistakes like any other human would. At least that's how everyone reacts on this sub when you try to call out Pam.

  8. I am aware of the consequence. I only speak the truth

  9. look at evan’s numbers tonight. look at his defense all season. both awful. why aren’t we booing him? he’s trying his best and supports the team unconditionally. randle feels like everyone is against him and it’s true, but it’s because of how he’s acting. he needs to go, and loyal-ass thibs can stay loyal and go with him.

  10. The unforgivable part is he clearly is out on his team. Like fck us we are fans but it’s clear he doesn’t care about the success of the team or his teammates

  11. i don’t know if that’s true, but he sure as fuck is acting like it is

  12. Let me rephrase. He cares about the success of the team if he plays well or has a role in it. If he doesn’t he pouts even in a win and that’s what we see today

  13. Hawks remaining games are thunder raptor cavs nets heat wizards rockets. What do we think?

  14. The hawks suck too so anything is possible but I’ve already given up

  15. I’d rather take my chances giving my money on the street than to certain charities

  16. It's crazy how hype the Garden is despite this being such a below-average team.

  17. Not sure how anyone could see that and not think this is the best crowd in the nba.

  18. The tank has been halted since that 3 game win streak over LAC, Dallas, and the kings.

  19. Berman gets paid to fuck on so we know the answer to that

  20. werent the lakers up 20 at halftime of this game lmao

  21. you know, i looked at the score and secretly said to myself "that wont last"

  22. 2-11, 4 -17 its all the same. gotta shoot a better percentage and stop trying to play for fouls

  23. one of the worst possible outcomes for the season

  24. breen and clyde are unparalleled with their non-homerism

  25. I think many of us lowkey enjoyed Randle getting postered? I feel…dirty…but I also feel vindicated. What a confusing feeling

  26. Bagley hasn’t been that bad since he got traded to Detroit

  27. To be fair they should beat the thunder who are actively trying to lose

  28. I think the Thunder made it clear tonight they aren’t actively trying to lose.

  29. Management does did you see the team they put out there? The players are never going to play to lose tho

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