1. Take your socks and sandals off and try it. Just watch out for the bitumen in the summertime. Third-degree burns on the soles of your feet isn't fun. You need to harden the skin on the bottom of your feet to be summer-ready.

  2. I've used both at home for a few years. Ubuntu on my media server, Mint on my laptop. Out of the two, Mint worked straight out of the box on my home network. I had to install Samba and all the associated apps to get Ubuntu to work on the network. I also had to install a different file manager as Nautilus was too restrictive for me, but Dolphin installs and integrates with Ubuntu flawlessly.

  3. Your best option is find the original clipart they used to create the design. There are a lot of image sellers online that have versions of old clipart. It might take a bit of searching but the results will be much better than trying to do anything with an image taken from the shirt. 123RF, Deposit Photos and Can Stock seem to have the closest copies. If the image doesn't have to be exact, there are a lot of very similar ones you'll find just doing a Google image search. If it's close enough, you can also sell it as a "new 2023 update".

  4. Probably a bit late but you should have some PH indicator strips on hand. Keeping the acidity around 4.5 will give the best results. Citric acid can be used to increase the acidity and lye can be used to decrease the acidity. Use sparingly and add in solution, not as powders.

  5. For what it's worth, it would be way quicker just to make a new partition out of the unallocated space. Then just simlink a folder from the old partition to the new one so you can access the files there easier.

  6. I recalibrated speedometers as part of my apprenticeship and people putting low profile tires on would throw them out, so yes, 10 foot wheels would make a massive difference.

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