1. You’re not telling the whole story here. The warranty still covers defects from them, it just isn’t a “get a new can free” warranty anymore. After reading other warranties I don’t think this is the exception it’s actually the rule. The cans that offer a “no questions asked” replacement can are double (or more) the price of the can OP is asking about.

  2. I’m aware that they still have a fairly standard manufacturer warranty. All I’m trying to highlight is that they had a stellar warranty and changed their policy in a way that harms the customers who had already made a purchasing decision, likely based upon that warranty. Sorry that I didn’t explicitly state that they still have a warranty.

  3. Wow I can’t believe a budget product, priced lower than every other product in its market, doesn’t have the industry-leading warranty. Fuck off

  4. I honestly think they have a fine warranty for what they are. My only point is that customers bought a product with warranty X and got warranty Y.

  5. Most picked their direction already.

  6. Looking at the magnifier. What model FTC does it not fit? I thought it was g33 compatible.

  7. That Glock has a vfg… sounds illegal to me. /s for the haters.

  8. Congrats, you bought a dryfire mag.

  9. What’s that in front of the gas block? I’m not familiar.

  10. They’re doin it wrong. I carry a gun so I can end it at the slightest inconvenience.

  11. I’ve described, to a fudd, in detail, how he could suck my balls and I still wouldn’t give him any of my information.

  12. I seriously doubt .44 magnum gets beat by .357 magnum, .380 acp, .32 acp, .38 special or 22 lr. I’m calling bullshit

  13. Check out lucky gunners content. He has some really interesting info on the efficacy of small cartridges. Essentially pistol rounds for the most part perform relatively similarly when it comes to single round stops. Stopping someone who doesn’t stop after one round is where cartridge size tends to matter more.

  14. In reality 5.56 would do it for me. I think I’m just turned on to the idea of being able to get some actual decent range out of a 11.5 and have more stopping power than the 5.56 will give at a short er barrel length. Any ideas on what magazines run the arc the best?

  15. I haven’t finished mine yet so this is all just from research but it seems like both the ASC and duramag do well. You’ll wanna do a 12.5 as that’s the shortest I’ve really seen.

  16. Craddock precision make an 11.5 from a bartlein blank

  17. Oh sweet, let me know how it works. I’m yet to hear any numbers on an 11.5 6ARC.

  18. The problem with an uncircumcised can is your rail gets real toasty. I’d go with a dedicated 556 can.

  19. Probably should’ve been sold as a blem, but I wouldn’t care.

  20. Idk but the idea of even thinking about going to Shot Show is abhorrent to me.

  21. The competition is 40k… Binos are 10k… what are you expecting?

  22. Contact Holosun and go from there.

  23. The decision maker for me would be weather I am more worried about signature reduction (surefire) or at ear performance (huxwrx flow 556k). I do think the flow is a more balanced can, however the surefire is great. If you go surefire I’d go sb2 over rc2, it was designed with 10.5 in mind and does a little better with gassyness.

  24. Be sure to never buy from him again, but it’ll most likely be fine.

  25. I like the MPS alot. I never got to experience it the "correct" way on a handgun. To be honest I got the mps because I couldn't get an ACRO at the time.

  26. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t swap it for a p2, but it looks good.

  27. Generally the plate adds a lot of rigidity to a plate carrier, whereas a chest rig is designed to be rigid enough without them. The mayflower hybrid chest rig is a great option.

  28. I have to say I was always super impressed with the mark 5 3.6-1& and 5-25. The tracking is less consistent in testing than some other $2k+ long range optics, but in a 2-10 that would be a non issue.

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