1. F1 2021 since it rarely gets mentioned. If you like racing games with a story

  2. standing figures should be the norm going forward.

  3. I think, by the time you navigate the phone menu and get to speak to an actual person. Your anxiety is way up na

  4. What is that one about? I saw the art cover but didn't look interesting

  5. It’s one of those games that is hard to define since it has so many things in it, try Yakuza 0

  6. I know that chronologically that's the beginning of the story, but is that really the best one to start with? I was thinking of trying these out this weekend also

  7. You can either start Yak 0 or try ‘like a dragon’ since it’s a diff gameplay style & new storyline. Another is ‘judgment’ from the same series but detective genre though not on game pass

  8. I only play about 5 games regularly. the others are on probation.

  9. the yakuza series starting with yakuza 0 is epic

  10. Congratulations to new people able to enjoy XBGPPC.

  11. I hope this is a step closer to GP console here

  12. Recently, it was bards tale 4. I had the original ( Bard’s Tale 1) way back but never finished it.

  13. both good machines, they should do something about the price of the storage upgrade.

  14. The premise was unique (at least for games and not movies) when it first came out years ago. Took a chance and loved it.

  15. This year. I was on PlayStation and a friend gifted me gamepass

  16. Just put the X on the bottom shelf and move one of the components up (beside ps5)

  17. is it too jarring to go back from p5 to p4G? graphics wise

  18. F1 2021. The story mode was one of the better ones for racing games

  19. you have to tell us her fave genre of shows or books

  20. She really likes mystery series (mostly detectives stuff) and fantasy in general

  21. 'As Dusk Falls' and 'telling lies' would be worth a try since its easy

  22. I played and enjoyed far cry 5, prey, assassins origins and skyrim. They are all immersive and lengthy games. I would start all of those and alternate between them as the mood for the genre of the day goes

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