1. {Control Freak by Brianna Hale} Anorexia. There's ddlg in this (a trope i don't like) but i related to FMC alot.

  2. What's the book OP? I've sifted through the comments but can't find the one which you're asking for.

  3. I'm not even going to read comments on this one cause eventhough you worked so hard on it, i know from experience people will think you've not done a good enough job formatting it.

  4. Lol, it actually hasn't been too bad. I just tag the 2 post galleries and hope it helps to read the texts alone. :D and

  5. Yeah cause men don't compare their past partners with their current one. Source - pulled it out of my ass

  6. Is no one batting an eye that OOPs dad was 14?

  7. Why would they? He's her stepdad. Her mom groomed him. It's in the trigger warning.

  8. The person who posted the video said that in Senegal and most parting Africa women count beads as contraception. Counting starts with the red bead on the first day of menstruation. Day 8 begins the period of fertility, indicated by 12 consecutive white beads, and the remaining brown beads signify the days conception is unlikely.

  9. Around the 14th day of your menstrual cycle your egg gets released so if you're abstinent around those days you're unlikely to conceive. It's not foolproof obviously. Nothing is. It's a primitive period tracker.

  10. I waited for this book to be released and it was trash. Everyone and their mothers were recommending it and i didn't know any better. It's a miracle i didn't dnf it.

  11. I was just thinking about this. All my hobbies are niche and you can't do it if you haven't been doing it for years cause your parents forced you to. Wasn't allowed to use social media in my teen years and now i just can't get a hang of it. I don't even eat outside cause of ED and in most social gatherings you're required to eat. I'm just a girl, standing near a group of friends, trying to find a way to join a conversation that's not related to classes.

  12. Hot/wet/slippery channel just makes it weird for me cause i start thinking about water bodies.

  13. Her Suez Canal looked perfect. Tight, dripping and when she spread herself apart with her fingers I could not contain my excitement for a moment longer. I notched my Ever Given against her slippery channel and pushed inside.

  14. You've traumatized me. This comment right here is the reason why now I'll have to start reading self help and biographies of dead people.

  15. I hate it when they're in a relationship (or well on the way) or even when he's just helping her cause she's broke.

  16. Yeah cause she isn't stupid? Why would you let something like this pass by? Did you not read the post?

  17. Virtue and vanity's reviews. If i could punch every reviewer who said that FMC was tstl i would. I'm just going to copy paste my goodreads review cause i don't want to relive it.

  18. Read a review for Dragonwyck by Anya Seton which features an abusive relationship that was portrayed very realistically || hero doesn't turn out to be her true love though and it's acknowledged that he can't love anyone || the review gave it 3 stars calling the heroine a wet blanket and saying they have no respect for someone who lets themselves be abused because they personally could never be a victim 🙄🙄🙄🙄. Absolutely awful, I was ready to fight in her comments but the review is from 2010

  19. Exactly! I hate when you can't fight people cause they've reviewed the books a decade or more ago! I've never actually fought someone i just block them but the skewed priorities and misogyny. Yikes.

  20. Ohh yes River Wild by Samantha Towle. Girl was abused, raped and beaten for like 7 years but she felt guilty about taking 10k of her husband's black money to start a new life for herself cause she wants to be able to do it aLl foR hEr BaBy bY heRsElf. Honestly it made me so angry it's a miracle i read the book. I love that book but FMC needs to think for herself and her child and not keep her morals straight. And she thought she'd donate what she didn't need to women in need. You're the woman in need. It's like in movies when characters are eating from garbage bins and feed the dog if it looks at them. The dog/cat is always hungry. You haven't eaten in ages. Eat the fucking food you idiot. Sorry for the rant. Didn't know i had such strong feelings.

  21. Are people really this stupid? So should we let a human trafficker go cause women do crimes as well? Sure. Just like you should eat bananas, cause there's low tide. Good day to you, a low value woman in their eyes w those ugly tattoos and face piercings, good day to you.

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