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Q1: Hamilton out in Q1 - last time was in Brazil 2017

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  1. (I'm NOT saying it's good- there's just some comments on here implying these people don't know it's risky. And I'm just saying I think that's the point, it's like telling someone jumping off a bridge they're going to die, no shit it's why they're there.)

  2. The last time an F1 driver hit someone they both perished. It would be incredibly selfish for a protestor to self sacrifice and take someone entirely unwilling with them.

  3. Never said otherwise- all I'm implying is that most activist wins are paved in blood (of protestors and non-activist alike). Whether that is good or not I did not say, just drawing a historical parallel.

  4. So what about the people who can't afford the $50,000 - 100,000 upfront cost to close on home ownership? How do they get a roof over their head? Society harps on landlords, but the truth of the fact is, they need them. Maybe everyone on this subreddit has dealt with shitty landlords, but there are far more amazing landlords out there.

  5. Yeah you don't actually need landlords- they don't provide housing. The people who built the house you could argue are the ones providing housing to people. But the person who bought it as an investment and can only hold said investment through someone else's labour? Nope don't need them.

  6. I'm blown away you posted this on the internet for all to see permanently ... No one is building houses for free. 'The people who built the house' need to be paid. They need to eat, live, provide. The property owner exchanges cash for the home.

  7. Let's say every landlord just poofs out of existence tomorrow do you think people are just going to be pleading to the sky "but who will give us housing!"

  8. Même chose pour la Banque Nationale et CIBC a Toronto. Ça la toujours choquée ma mère qui habite à Toronto.

  9. Café et Limonade. Le ratio change à chaque fois mais c'est plus ou moin 60/40 café.

  10. "Montreal protestors" I think that's the part that pertains to Montreal.

  11. You can sunbathe for sure, I just don't know about the topless part in a public place where families with children also hang out.

  12. Oh yeah children, the notoriously breastphobic group of people. Get that titty out of my face mom I'm a CHILD these are only for ADULTS >:(

  13. Lets me ask you a question if these people has the right to call themselfs whatever pronouns they want.

  14. Imagine meeting someone called Bob and saying no you're Kevin >:(

  15. I understand you, my problem is with restricting speech. Im okey with the pronouns, im even willing to use them if the person wants, but dont tell me in a law i must use them and we are headed that way.

  16. If I remember correctly the law in Canada is not applied on a civilian level. It's only about institutions. So say a government office or professors are encouraged to gender you as you wish to avoid institutional harrassment. Even then no one has ever been fined for it.

  17. Any disposable camera will be able to do this, just make sure it has a flash (though I've never seen one without). You'd most likely be looking at the ones kodak and fuji make.

  18. Hmm I see. I'll look into them. Thanks a lot!

  19. No problem! :) If ever you end up liking it enough, Ilford makes a reusable 'disposable' camera that lets you put new rolls in (though the first roll is black and white you can always load color afterwards!)

  20. Either you're a landlord or you like to kiss their boots, not sure which is worse tbh.

  21. Beaucoup de symptôme de Stockholm chez les locataires. Admettre que tout ce système c'est de la crosse, c'est admettre qu'on en est une victime, c'est perdre la face.

  22. I mean sure maybe a couple people instantly gave up but most of these shots I remember picking up. We had two other medics apart from me, in this clip I'm behind the house. We eventually had our squad 7 push up around the West flank and disrupt troops on the hill. Me and the medics popped smoke and got everyone who was exposed, it helped that me and the medics were screaming in local chat to not give up.

  23. Oh well that's embarrassing! I've changed usernames on most platforms except this one so I sometimes forget oops

  24. Who knew if you make your city a prohibitively expensive place that crime rises :o

  25. C'est encore mieux que ça. Tout le monde à gauche pense que ce sketch ne s'applique qu'aux gens de droite et les gens de droite pensent qu'il ne s'applique qu'aux gens de gauche.

  26. Si tu fais référence à la "gauche" électorale oui pleinement d'accord c'est impossible de changer le système de l'intérieur ils sont trop adeptes à nous fourrer dans leur propre arène. Les centristes sont aussi à blâmer, ils veulent rien changer au statut quo.

  27. Ok oui l'affaire du langage je comprends mais quand ont y pense, c'est dans l'intérêt de qui d'adoucir la langue pour représenté le "shellshock"? C'est le gouvernement Américain qui veut nous vendre de nouvelles guerres.

  28. In Europe*. nvm, still see below.

  29. May Day is in remembrance to Anarchists executed in Chicago. It originates in North America, Labour day in the US and Canada is held on a different day to draw attention away from the more radical background of May Day, it's a direct continuation of Red Scare and early FBI Anti-Anarchist propaganda that was active around the time of the executions in Chicago.

  30. Never heard of that Chicago incident before. Are you referencing this "Haymarket Affair"?

  31. Yes exactly it's to remember the Haymarket Martyrs and the subsequent labour struggles undertaken by the IWW. (One of the Haymarket Martyrs was married to Lucy Parsons- a prominent Anarchist organizer who helped found the IWW which eventually won labour rights like weekends, overtime pay, and 8 hour work days)

  32. poutine was developed in the 50s, so no, not pre-canada. the argument that it evolved from a regional dish of britanny is irrelevant because... britanny is in france, not quebec.

  33. ...the dish evolved. It does predate Canada. Like I said look up the Acadian version which is still made traditionally. Also it'd be crazy if like, New France spoke Breton instead of French (unless you were a noble!)... or do you think Bretons shed their cultural identities in the Atlantic somewhere.

  34. is all of quebec descended from the acadians / bretons? no? and yet quebec calls poutine a "quebecois" dish, because descendants of those people form part of quebec, and created poutine. makes sense.

  35. Idk what's so hard to accept about Quebec being culturally different to Anglophone Canada and having different cultural roots. Acadiens after the genocide of them in Nova Scotia populated the Gaspé region. From there Poutine Râpée and the non-acadien version evolved into what restaurants would start making in the 50s. Acadians were also majority of Breton descent just like Quebecois.

  36. If all else fails you could try liquid mounting your negatives in glass holders rather than the plastic carriers it comes with.

  37. Stroll 22, Stroll 23, Stroll 24... it's official Stroll the 🐐

  38. Fake video game spiders aren't real spiders. They don't move or act or look like real spiders. They're similar-ish, but very, very few games have ever tried accurately animating realistic spiders.

  39. It's a common misconception that phobias can be 'cured' through things like exposure therapy. Those methods can work for people with FEAR, but phobia is more akin to an allergic reaction. I read a thread in this sub about someone getting seizures irl from seeing static images of spiders.

  40. I have, I can't even stand seeing them so running past them is a big no no. Sad that I'm going to have to miss Renalla's great rune and Ranni. Maybe a mod one day will save me :/

  41. Anecdotal but also true. Watch every NA streamer and you don't see anyone speak in French ever.

  42. You can still type basic league terms in english and not really speak much english. This is like KR or LPL players that come to NA and can speak in league but need translators in interviews.

  43. Yeah and all those people know basic English, so it's a Universal language of sort. I remember watching Faker's stream yesterday and two guys on his team were talking in Chinese, Faker had no clue what they were saying to each other. In an NA game if two guys were speaking in French do you expect the other teammates to understand what they're saying or would they understand more if they spoke in basic English?

  44. Sometimes when I meet fellow Quebecois in league I chat with them in French. I don't really care if my team can't understand me casually chatting with someone else.

  45. Stateless, moneyless, classless society is when oligarch wealth class yes of course! /s

  46. el1o says:

    Russians only ever followed a single man telling them what to do - all of the leaders are jailed or dead. There is noone currently available to rally them against the regime unfortunately.

  47. Little known fact about the Russian revolution, a large portion of the initial revolution was lead by Anarchists! In fact Lenin was initially unpopular enough within the Red Army itself that they offered Ukrainian Anarchist Nestor Mahkno and leader of the Black Army the opportunity to arrest and kill Lenin to which Mahkno categorically refused as it would be utilizing the authority of one man over another's life.

  48. el1o says:

    Of course they're not monolith, I've never said that, but if you think revolution would change their foreign policy or outlook to bordering countries you're delusional. So what if Putin is killed and new leader is installed when all the history books for kids are still lies? Every single nation has their own issues, but the first step is accepting your faults and working on huge education and outlook changes. Because no matter what all of us their neighbors will be in danger, western world dismissed us and refused to listen.

  49. Well yeah you're talking about revolution wherein a leader is simply replaced with another, of course if you don't change any structure around that the same shit will happen. I'm not denying that.

  50. They didn't "fire their trans employees", they suspended one because she barged onto a superior meeting uninvited, and not even for long, don't spread bullshit please.

  51. They suspended three employees for speaking out on twitter and barging into a meeting yes. They also permanently fired the organizer of the walkout.

  52. Oh, that employee. They claim they fired them for "

  53. I've had good experiences with Pikto in Toronto, they've got a couple archival options, they also have very good C-Type printing (Though less archival, they look great and can last awhile as long as they are properly matted and framed under UV resistant glass).

  54. Ayoye le fameux drapeau Patriotes avec l'étoile jaune. Non seulement est-ce que les Patriotes ont rien avoir avec la manif, la version étoile jaune était conçu par le même gars qui a fait le drapeau de la FLQ (Même étoile jaune!), vraiment passionant ce monde la à penser que les Marxistes-Leninistes de la FLQ serait CONTRE l'intervention du gouvernement auprès de la pandémie.

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