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  1. I like the layers of diorite and granite like they are layers of rock and sediment. That's a nice little detail.

  2. I agree! I just would make it a little bit mlre random so it looms more natural

  3. Wait why does this have socmamy comments and so little upvotes

  4. Gonna me be honest and admit Yashahime represents me playing more than it should XD

  5. I think a lot of people would hate that. So many champions are reliant on flash. Also immobile champs like kog anivia syndra etc will feel that even more than the champs with mobility.

  6. This is literally the best ide I've seen on the mobility issue no joke

  7. Biggest problem I personally see with it is Kalista who will be even worse of a chanpion then lol

  8. That's a very interesting concept. Maybe a stasis with a lower duration and a longer cooldown; duration scales with level

  9. Stopwatch is already the strongest item in the game. Having this in a repeat will absolutely break the game

  10. Yeah I said stasis for a reason. That whole thing just seems like it shouldn't even be in an item. GA I can kinda let slide but stasis itself might be better off as a summoner spell especially if they make you choose between flash and stasis. Rito wouldn't because Lee sin players need to pull of their flash q w insec golden kick and would burn them down otherwise, but it'd be an interesting way to make flash and stasis both less dominant.

  11. The meta especially in high level would be way too dive heavy. I dont think it would be an improvement

  12. Assassins are hardly ever seen in pro play anyway all this will do is ruin solo queue and alienate many of the players who returned to the game due to the 12.10 durability changes. I honestly don't know what happened to the brains of the riot balance team. What ever drugs they're on they need to stop because if this set of changes go through, I'm going to quit league.

  13. I feel people are blowing this way out of proportion, ohno assassins get 2 lethality is really isnt that impactful. And the resolve rune nerfs dont really impact adc or mages that much since they dont even take resolve.

  14. This creature is definitely stronger than cr1. Poor halflings casters will get destroyed by this

  15. Cutest thing I’ve seen all day. The way they wait until you said it was ok…absolutely adorable.

  16. He even looked left and right before asking!!! Such a polite cute dog

  17. Fucking liar. You’re too sexist and cringe to even have any partner, especially a gf.

  18. Thats a lot of hate and presumption based on one meme 😅

  19. most friendly and welcoming league player

  20. What else would you expect from the most friendly and welcoming community

  21. Its good but also kinda sad/suprising to me. I would havd thought that it would have been legal for years now in Switzerland.

  22. It's an important historical work. Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it.

  23. Thats a fair point, the only thing that I might be scared of is that with the amount of radicalizing currently going on. That certain people might start reading it with other purposes and start agreeing with it.

  24. A book will rarely, if ever, be the tipping point for an individual's beliefs and ideas. Anyone who would be "radicalized" by a book was already primed to think that way through their community/life experiences/etc. If anything, I would trust someone who read "Mein Kampf" and agreed with it more than someone who didn't but has the same beliefs/ideas, because the reader has already proven they can read books and incorporate them into their worldview.

  25. Thats a good point actually yeah. Like I said earlier I have not fully made up my mind on this topic, but after reading yours and other comments I am starting to agree with the premise to just not ban books in libraries

  26. apparenrly it's fake? that there is an entire production team behind it with trucks and digs. and after they are done, it's abandoned, they move to another empty place and build another one. basically it's a business.

  27. Noo ): why this.makes me so sad. Ofcourse amazing things cannot be real

  28. That would be terrifying. Not knowing if you actually are hallucinating magicians or if a magician just whisked you away to a mental institution.

  29. Yea this situation is absolutely terrifying to me

  30. I dont remember where, but a while back I thought I read something that Riot is currently working on a high skill tank

  31. I dont know, I am very curious how a high skill tank will be developed

  32. En ook niet onbelangrijk; Rotterdam en Schiphol zijn wel belangrijk voor de economie, maar als puntje bij paaltje komt kun je een economie niet vreten, en wat er op het veld staat wel. Ergens wel logisch dat daar prio aan gegeven wordt.

  33. Meer van de dingen die wij eten komt uit Rotterdam dan van de boeren

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