1. Quite impressive. I personally prefer sincastermon, but go off.

  2. who are the people that she would allow that joke to pass?

  3. Kallamar is fucking deaf and has no idea why everyone is mad*

  4. He's just making a mad face because everyone is making it.

  5. Ultraman Trigger and Decker :"Why aren't we included in the Ultra Children squad?"

  6. Not really. Trigger and Decker are alternative Universe Tiga and Dyna. Not their children.

  7. Very, very well done. Great job! Got a Twitter account we could follow?

  8. I mean, the post is properly tagged and titled. It's kind of your own fault if you hop a fence with a "do not enter sign" he who swims with sharks is going to get bit.

  9. ^ what he said. The NSFW filter and Tags exists for a reason.

  10. Is it called Coffee Shop AU or is "Coffee Shop" some kind of AU term for "But everything is normal as hell and it's the 21st century."?

  11. It's called Coffee Shop AU. And it takes place in Modern Time. While it's not really that Normal because there's still some supernatural aspects

  12. just caught up also saw a lot of good and funny art, love it!

  13. Thanks ~⁠(⁠つ⁠ˆ⁠Д⁠ˆ⁠)⁠つ⁠。⁠☆

  14. Heya, i'm searching the start of that comic, do you have a link?

  15. https://at.tumblr.com/rbb-au-bynovaartz/698824732440772608/meczn9u7oxm3

  16. I like the comic I could call a friend and you could have it with full color if you want

  17. Nuh it's fine. He can color it as a fan coloring if he want to. As long as he credit me as an original creator.

  18. My man here put all his skill points into "Taunt"

  19. cute, this comic series, if you want to call it that, has made my time here a lot more fun. thanks!

  20. Follow me on Tumblr, you can see more stuff that I didn't post here

  21. I don't know what he's talking about, Wanderer is good and fun to play. Does he not like him because he's not Meta?

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