My girlfriend was assaulted and she asked me to be the father.

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  1. Here's the thing about training: it's all about finding what methods your dog responds to best, and the best way to communicate and bond with him at the same time. Trust building exercises like walking, playing -- yes, even cuddling! have their place in any training style, because they are the groundwork before any of these methods come into play, so no need to feel conflicted about things feeling so stiff all the time. You should be enjoying your dog!

  2. A lack of training or alerts would defeat the entire purpose of a service dog

  3. I wouldn't have mentioned it if I didn't agree with that notion. Given the OP's age, I wasn't sure if they knew that. For some reason that warranted 15+ downvotes. Interesting community.

  4. She is correct, you’re very immature! Hopefully she can find someone that’s a real man, not a boy!!

  5. What is a "real man"? You're part of the problem. Sorry you hate fun.

  6. Silly question bc I am fairly new to reddit- if they create a new account what does the Karma then do? it won't matter if they just open a new account and start from zero. Can someone help me- a bit dense here.

  7. Oddly enough it is the blissful ignorance that I might be jealous of? They never have to (or never want or need to) consider the difficulties of any situation. Whereas those scenarios play through my head all the time.

  8. Exactly! I know it's irresponsible of them to unleash their dog without proofing their recall, but at the same time I wonder, "What if I wasn't so protective when my dog was still a puppy? Would she be as well-rounded as these dogs?" Even if aggression, reactivity, and other instincts are often outside our control, socialization plays a big factor too. They gambled, but the lottery was in their favor.

  9. I was protective of my puppy too, which I know added to it. He was sick with kennel cough when we got him so we were told to quarantine him from dogs and people for two weeks. By the time we started letting him say hi to people he was almost 5 months and had some big feelings about it. Going up to investigate, then freaking out and barking and running back. We were told by a PetCo puppy class trainer (the finest money can buy eyeroll) to not let him say hi to anyone until he can learn to start barking. So then we kept him away from everyone and it got worse.

  10. What strange advice! I've been told not to judge all petstore trainers because I'm sure legitimately good trainers may start there, but dog training being the unregulated profession that it is, I feel like these corporations don't keep the bar that high either.

  11. I find "thank you" is good training for the handler, at the very least. My therapist once told me to thank my brain for trying to protect me when I had a fight or flight reaction, but also to reassure myself that things are okay now, because it's probably good for morale or ability to process distress. So when my dog barks at a trigger, I redirect her, and say, "Thank you for telling me (about that dog or person)! That's enough now." Right now it's less about thank you, and more about "that's enough" or "it's okay" because my dog is mostly just alerting me that they exist, or she finds them threatening -- but the incorporation of "thank you" has helped remind me that she isn't misbehaving to be a nuissance, but because she thinks she's doing her job as a guardian breed.

  12. We should have a feature that separates people into 3 lobby types; kids, mixed, and adults. That way people can put in their age and decide to go to mixed or get put into their age group

  13. That'd be nice. I hate playing with kids, and I've tolerated quite a few. They're never the cute kids that want to learn the game, but anxious, noisy little boys that tell you how the game works even though they're level 100, and don't listen then echo information as a result.

  14. It's an ambient noise, always makes me jump when it catches me off guard. The classic old pipes, nothing paranormal.

  15. I thought so, then someone on here said it was a "myth" that dogs pull more on harness. How do you untrain that reflex in a powerful breed?

  16. No, hold on, it’s important to not accidentally conflate two different things.

  17. Oh thank you for explaining that to me. That makes sense. I'll check out your link and hopefully put them into practice next time I take my dog out on her harness. :)

  18. This post just reminds me of the jumpscares from the 90s of an ordinary apartment, asking to find what was wrong with the picture, and then a ghost face flies at you, screaming. Made me exit the picture because I somehow thought it'd do the same LOL

  19. My mind went to exactly the same place. One of those got me good when I was a kid so I don't trust that kind of thing anymore

  20. Damn thing sent me flying out of my chair and 6 feet away from the computer when I was 11. I don't even think I screamed, I just GTFO.

  21. reading this makes me terrified because i've got odd and have never acted like this

  22. ODD does not lead to sociopathy, it's just one of the complications when ODD is left untreated in some individuals. Sociopathy doesn't always indicate violent behavior either, but rather antisocial behaviors and emotions, like a lack of empathy, for instance.

  23. Dobermans have a pretty pushy playstyle, which is part of the problem, on top of his age. My dobermans are the same way with my smaller dog. Honestly, just keep reinforcing a state of calm around her, maybe toss treats to each as long as they're sitting nicely in the same space together, each on their own beds. Dogs can socialize without constantly romping around like dobemans love to do. You basically want to teach him patience and discipline by making sharing a space with your other dog a rewarding, communal experience.

  24. I will always swear by my halti for controlling reactivity, and it has a safe link to the collar in case it slips, but some dogs have zero tolerance for it, no matter how long you condition them to it -- but you won't know until you try. That said, it is a little more aversive if you're not careful. It's all about your technique.

  25. May I ask why you want a malinois specifically? Do you want to get into sports work, protection work, agility? If it's just their look, there are other breeds that are just as gorgeous and stunning without the special work they desire. I also would not recommend this breed to anyone with a toddler in the home; they earned the moniker "maligator" for a reason, lol.

  26. Oh really? Do you know how long they have been dating? Were they/he ready for children before this scenario? Is he comfortable raising the bloodline of the man who took his woman against her will?

  27. Sincerely hope you are only mentioning bloodline out of concern for what negative traits may be passed down, and not some shitty legacy angle.

  28. It's not his kid. She is his girlfriend, we don't know how long they've been together. Could be five years or five months. If they break up, he will be responsible for her child, which carries the bloodline/ is the biological offspring of a man that raped her. He should think very carefully about this.

  29. I don't disagree with the rest of your concerns, just hoping the bloodline comment wasn't from a shallow point of view. My sister was a product of rape, so I personally just find it annoying when people make a big deal out of blood unless it's out of concern of inheriting psychopathy or a predisposition for violence.

  30. First of all, it sounds like you've done your best to provide for this puppy, but it's entirely possible this could be behavioral or genetic aggression from hyperarousal. Unfortunately with working breeds, you need someone pretty experienced to sort out these issues. I am only going off of what you've written (videos would provide more insight, but I wouldn't want you to put yourself in harm's way to document what you're dealing with), but if it is indeed behavioral, sans a behaviorist, then I would suggest working with a reputable breed specific rescue (GSP = did you mean german shepherd dog? or is this another breed?) to rehabilitate and rehome him because you have a 7 year old in the household. Your trainer doesn't seem to understand the levity of the situation if they think a water bottle will do anything for this behavior. Your dog is young, potentially with genetic predisposition for aggressive behavior, and has a lot of excess frustration from not being exercised mentally and physically enough (these are DEMANDING dogs, so I'm not saying you aren't doing anything at all, just not the amount they require).

  31. I am not a lawyer, but definitely pronounced like “I anal”

  32. HAHA glad I'm not the only one!

  33. Thank you for doing this. My sister lives in Tahoe Park, so had to make sure it wasn't one of hers, haha. More people ought to care like you do. They're beautiful pups! Post to Nextdoor, Pawboost, and your local FB lost and found.

  34. You say you fantasize about harming children yet detest pregnant women because there are children suffering in foster care. Maybe you only meant children outside the age range you hate, but that is still interesting to note.

  35. Only one I worked with was one in Menlo Park... that one was definitely a quack. Sorry I can't help.

  36. Have you tried hot dogs or string cheese? My dobie will do anything for those.

  37. Wish I could go to the latter, but the tickets were $200 a person. :(

  38. Do you understand how breeding works?

  39. I do, actually! But training doesn't undo genetics and years of bred-in behaviors, it only helps to mitigate it. Some dogs need constant maintenance to be good doggie citizens.

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