1. Tim and ye are two people who love to rant and hate to be interrupted.. it’d never work

  2. Correction: “she would’ve spent years on recovery but was sent to the pot”

  3. It’s not when he sees him in the streets that Burns worries about, but when he doesn’t…..

  4. Street fighting is only about winning and most people have nothing to lose that’s why you should avoid shit even if it makes you look like a “pussy”

  5. Floyd mayweather ignoring his coaches and smiling into the camera

  6. They're friends having fun. You need to spend less time on the internet

  7. You’re fangirling for a notorious ass kicker. Sounds like you should spend less time on the internet

  8. POA? SBF? FTX? Someone please help a non native here?

  9. I like how poeple like to pretends they know about what they felt or how they lived it.

  10. Ya I’m with the Brit I wasn’t smile or laughing from any of that

  11. Just image search his name, he’s looks like he’s wants to be on that Jeffery Dahmer diet

  12. Do you have a screenshot of what kyrie actually said? They always seem to hide that part

  13. Burr is a horrible guest on podcasts. He’s kind of condescending, he’s not funny and he really doesn’t offer any good opinions on things.

  14. His podcast clips from 3years ago and back were fire tho

  15. I hate the Amish chinbeard all those guys rock, it looks objectively terrible. Based on that alone, I hope Oliveira takes it.

  16. Lol! you’re obsessed with sneakers what a fucking waste of time

  17. I’m old enough to remember when people were hyping up Petr as unstoppable as Charles. Where are those people now? I haven’t seen em in a while. I hope they’re doing okay

  18. I mean her job was holding a briefcase, not performing surgery, how did she expect to be treated/perceived?

  19. Smile, push your tits out, arch your back and for the love of god don’t forget how to open the briefcase

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