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  1. This makes more sense to me now. Thank you for posting this! Unless h.pylori causes these toxins to buildup in sweat then I only have part of the answers going on here. This helps though!

  2. Mitochondrial damage from disease is only secondary and isn't permanent, unlike genetic mitochondrial diseases. It should clear up as you fix the Lyme disease with antibiotics. You'd be clear of it 3-4 years now(?), that's a long time to claim it's still a concern. There's the potential for Lyme disease symptoms to hang around for months, but not usually years. It kind of looks like you've gone down a rabbit hole of alternative science woo - CIRS and MCAS, h.plyori, long term Lyme disease are all sort of red flags for alternative medicine quaks trying to sell you things (vitamins and probiotics usually).

  3. No chronic Lyme disease is a thing. Take a look into it..these patients, including myself, are extremely sick and get gaslit by doctors constantly. There are studies that show the persistence of borrellia species even after 30 days of doxycycline. Here’s 700 of them:

  4. But how can the experience be deteriorated with all the Airbnbs across the globe? Is that really the case?

  5. I’m chemically sensitive and I promise everyone on here that most of them have meth contamination that make them harmful and intolerable.

  6. Why? They’re only asked about once a day here.

  7. Hey, I have Lyme etc. I suspected SIBO recently due to me reacting to the gas coming out of my breath. Me reacting to the smell of my own urine etc.

  8. Yes. This is one of the better brands of Lumbrokinase

  9. Fuck the GP and go along with your naturopath. That's the logical answer for me. Very few GPs are qualified to deal with complex issues like this.

  10. Very true! None of them know how to treat Lyme disease nor do they even recognize that it exists! I got gaslit while I was dying in front of 5 different doctors until I found a Lyme doctor that saved my life.

  11. I quit a 10 year 20 gram a day kratom addiction with low dose naltrexone. There was only one day of detox.

  12. I can’t obtain any prescription drugs cause I’m from Malaysia, so it’s hard to get help if you’re an addict. The only opioid I have access to is 10 tabs of 50mg tram (which was prescribed for my grandmother but she wasn’t using em lol). If you aren’t aware Google it lol, the drug laws here are a crime itself. They hang guys for growing weed lol while murderers and rapists sometimes get life sentences instead. Thanks for the input btw :) I really do appreciate it.

  13. I can paint and draw and I’m colorblind. I did the pic in my Reddit profile. One of my ex’s pointed out that I use a lot of blue and yellow. Orange is one of my favorites too.

  14. Yes, I’ve talked to others in the Lyme community about this. Long Covid is probably stealth pathogen infections. You don’t even have to be bitten by a tick. These pathogens are spread so many ways.

  15. Do you think the treatment path is just the same as what you would do for Lyme/Bart/bab?

  16. Very familiar. I would think the treatment would be the same. Don’t quote me on that though.

  17. Not good..i got exposed to harmful chemicals in the southwest. Emf sensitivity and sensitivity to all chemicals has increased.

  18. Mine doesn't have a meth lab next door. Any other hosts here that don't have meth labs next door? Hmmmm, I guess I'm the lucky one.

  19. It has been crazy. The meth houses are always obvious too. Trash piled up outside. A chemical smell. Other “interesting” trash in their yard. Traffic in and out..you really may be the lucky one!

  20. It’s not bogus if you have heavy metal poisoning! Also that’s why I said it needs to be done by a trained doctor. I get vitamin infusions after I get chelated to replace the stuff that gets chelated out. I’ve actually been seeing improvement since starting chelation. I have bad lead poisoning. Only way to get rid of it is to chelate.

  21. I remember reading Andy Cutler’s book back in the day. When I first got Lyme disease someone recommended that book to me so I’m familiar with chelation. Thank you for your reply. I’ve been looking for doctors.

  22. Why do you suspect you have heavy metal intoxication?

  23. I think I have heavy copper because my blood tastes like copper. Also I heard it happens with the hydrogen sulfide sibo

  24. I think this looks much better..I saw your post of the original

  25. Started a bottle of biodisrupt that seemed to kill the biofilm… after taking it, my lymph nodes in my neck decreased dramatically, since I can feel them.

  26. This is interesting! Thanks for sharing. Wow 5 years of treatment 😯 I’m glad she recovered and is doing well, helping others too

  27. I’ve got sibo but other than that I’m ok

  28. Not enough abx. Seek out an llmd (Lyme literate doctor)

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