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  1. Been a head for 30 years. Was BLOWN AWAY by this podcast:

  2. Always thought they were bigger. Very neat!

  3. Best version of I Want You end of story and Slow Train is good but the disc doesn’t represent how amazing the show I attended was.

  4. I did it when I was 12 years old with crappy boots and a broom stick hiking pole that my grandpa made. It’s pretty chill. Sun protection is major.

  5. Search any/all jurisdictions of courts where your subject has lived. Or you could pay a professional.

  6. Im doubting that Abu Dhabi peeps are familiar with The Flintstones.

  7. If your big enough to steal a catalytic converter your big enough to accept a kick to the face if you steal it from the wrong person

  8. I use a tesla with a glass roof, I always end up covering it in middle of summer. Even if it's not a tesla, I can't emphasize enough what a game changer EVs are for surveillance. Look into the Bolt, Leaf, or ionic5.

  9. What are some advantages? Can you run A/C off the battery? If so, how long?

  10. Yes, on my 300 mile range model 3 I'll use the AC for 8hrs in blistering heat and seldom use more than 10%(30 miles) of battery. Additionally, the silent movement is great, and with 12v power, you can listen to music, charge laptops, etc....all my California PI peers are buying gas ~$5.00/gallon and still charging the same $0.55/ mile I do. (Ends up saving ~$1000/yr, not including no oil changes)

  11. Sounds amazing. Surprised about how little draw on the battery the ac is. The only issue I see is the short range - but 99% of cases would likely be in that range anyway. You’d be screwed if you’re subjects left on a road trip…

  12. Traction devices for your feet, poles, and lots of sunscreen. Should be a gorgeous weekend up there! Honestly, if you’ve never been up to Rainier, this is the weekend for it. Even just for the drive up to paradise.

  13. Aww man I’m also doing 20 second hugs with my 6 year old 💜 😭

  14. Listen to this person! A quick note about the water temperature: you will rapidly prefer the standard water temperature. After acclimating to my "cold" water bidet, I used a heated bidet at a friends house and it was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

  15. Was it attempted fraud or what? I cannot fathom anything else there lmao.

  16. I think the rider was just really inexperienced. Honestly looked like his first time riding a motorcycle.

  17. I know she the location she was found because it is listed on the MEs report. I'm working on getting the diagrams to show exactly where the bullet wound was.

  18. Perhaps it was handled by the county sheriffs office and not municipal police? That occurs frequently in my state - I have to request records from both agencies just to be safe.

  19. I upgraded to a warm water/heated seat model. Worth every penny.

  20. Yep. I’m done with big shows. I considered trekking out to The Gorge this year (I’m in Seattle so it’s not a crazy drive) but the thought of the crowds/parking/shitty seats are too much. The only way to get me to consider is if I had seats in the first 20 rows - that’s a whole different experience 🤙🏻

  21. Crocs are great. Dry quickly, super light, and great comfy camp shoes.

  22. Would this be treatable with heat? The same way stadium seating is torched to burn off UV damage. Of course, apply a UV protectant after.

  23. Yep. Been using this and progressive.com for years (PI who does a lot of insurance defense work).

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