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  1. In most states pets are generally not worth any more than you paid for them, unfortunately. Given the dog looks like a mutt (to me) the time a lawyer would spend putting together a small claims complaint would cost more than you'd get for the dog.

  2. I don't know if he means this, but the poem by Key the song is based on has passages basically calling Slaves who chose to fight for the British in return for their freedom as disloyal. I personally still like the anthem but still very glad that part didn't make the song.

  3. The scene where he drops his flashlight and sees one foot in the corn was the scariest to me. I had to cross a corn field at night a couple years ago. All I had to do was stay in the row and I’d come out the other side in my farmyard. I got halfway in and almost had a goddamn panic attack. I’m an adult and I ran as if something was chasing me. Thought my heart was gonna explode

  4. Back in the late 90's Fox used to air a bunch of crappy UFO video/alien autopsy shows. There was this one called "alien abduction: incident in Lake County" basically found footage of a family that was missing who were abducted by aliens. Like Blair witch and signs had a baby. There was a scene just like this, you just see the alien's foot as it has just climbed in through a window. Freaked me out as a little kid.

  5. I store mine in a paint shaker that I leave on 24/7

  6. So I'm pretty sure those are WWII era trainers and the stuff the guy is talking about, .50 caliber guns and the Night Witches are all Second World War too.

  7. Once upon a time my girlfriend sent me into a gas station to get her a “can of Mountain Dew”. So I go in and search all over the place but they don’t have single cans of Mountain Dew, only bottles. But then I see it... a 12 pack of canned Mountain Dew. Now in my guy brain she said “can” so I was not coming out of that store with a bottle. When I go back to the car with the 12 pack she asked why I got 12 cans of Mountain Dew. I explained my logic and she started laughing uncontrollably. She brings this up all the time with other women when explaining how “guys think differently”.

  8. And you just saved yourself 11 more trips when she wants another Mountain Dew.

  9. One they either accidentally dropped or ditched to avoid an accident and it buried itself into the south Carolina mud, never to be seen again.

  10. Years ago I went to a mets marlins game at dolphins stadium, the vendors were selling mets shirts. Imagine going to citi and they were selling braves gear, it's unimaginable.

  11. Poor social skills and generally unattractive. Loneliness just hurts man.

  12. I was once extremely drunk and staying in a very expensive hotel in hollywood. I went to bed, as I should. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee. I walked through the bathroom door and closed it behind me. I then realized that that wasn't the bathroom door, but rather the room door. I was locked out of my room in a fancy hotel, drunk off my ass, wearing only my underwear. I went to the elevator lobby where there was a phone and called the front desk and explained my situation. They said they would send someone up. I realized I couldn't wait and continued searching for a place to pee and found a janitor closet with a rolling mop bucket in it. I took a giant piss in the mop bucket and then walked back to my room door, where a bellhop who really didn't want to look me in the eye let me back into my room. I'm very sorry, Mondrian hotel.

  13. Also who in gods name goes to New York and visits… Staten Island.

  14. Not sure why these lames are so invested in the lives of others.

  15. Well if your only sense of self worth comes from abusing and feeling superior to those different than you, their behavior makes a lot more sense.

  16. I was born! Let's try not to make some of the same mistakes again though.

  17. Can someone play the klingon theme on a kazoo? I think it'll really fit here.

  18. You know, that rollbar torpedo launcher is terribly uncomfortable-looking, when you think about it. On a good day, it means balls of fiery death whizz right over the bridge every time the weapon is fired...and if the target happens to be a little too far down, the torpedo will smack into the back of the bridge, instantly killing everyone, like the reverse of that scene in Indiana Jones where his dad blows off the tail of the plane.

  19. Well if you look at a modern guided missile destroyer, tubes of fiery death fly up right in front of the bridge. So if it is really a crazy idea at least it's been done before.

  20. There was the starfleet officer who illegally accessed the files on that rifle on DS9, the one where Ezri figures out who don't it. It was said he collected weapons, which didn't seem to be the problem, the access of the restricted file was

  21. I just wish they used the Enterprise style of makeup, I hate the Disco Andorians.

  22. I remember just loving the runabout level, just cause I loved runabouts.

  23. They're one of, if not the, favorite spaceships I've ever seen in Sci fi.

  24. That's nothing. I watched "sweet" Lou Pinella pull out home plate and kick it around the bases when he managed the Seattle Mariners. Never a dull moment.

  25. Home Plate!?! That would be a hell of a thing. Home plates are big and buried deep. Sure it wasn't a base?

  26. That horrible tik tok voice has more emotions than that. Dude sounds like we was reading estate law.

  27. The magazine is inserted in backwards. It is probably stuck in there and you’d have to disassemble it

  28. This is a Springfield XD they have a Browning style breech so round could never chamber in this position. The firing pin is also not charged, you can see the pin in the back of the weapon is flush. The round actually would not even be able to get up in the breech even if it was opened. There is actually not much difference in pressure when loading mags in this handgun model. I assume he is doing this to show the weapon is not loaded or in a ready position, based by the clothing and tac vest. This guy probably knows what he is doing. Much more so than the person that was like I bought this and the license was like 15 bucks.

  29. The cocking indicator is visible, the striker is ready to go, the pin disappears into the slide entirely not just sits flush.

  30. I doubt it's stuck, I also have a Springfield XD and the catch for the magazine is on the front of the mag, so there is nothing actually holding it is except for friction. I'm not even sure you could put a mag this far in backward.

  31. Lol it’s not a hit show. Not even close.

  32. Paramount plus is doing 3 seasons of Picard and like 5 so far of Discovery, they will make more halo. They will hurt you, and they will go on, hurting you.

  33. Usually I'm very much in the fuck cancer camp, but I think cancer can have this win. Golf clap for cancer.

  34. I want them to make a shot-for-shot remake of Robocop 2 with Rich as Murphy and Mike as Cain, but I take your point

  35. Jack as the robocop 2 who rips the helmet off his skull.

  36. Do they automatically disconnect when a person jumps? How do they work exactly, I don't get it

  37. The straps are connected to a bag that holds the chute, the chute is directly attached to the jumper, jumper goes and as they fall they're pulling the chute out of the bag. Bag and line stay with the plane.

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