The recent Velma 'controversy' inspired me, and I figured you guys may like my fan art

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  1. I have one dedicated solely to the variants I've gotten in the season. I think I play like 3 decks and only one is good for climbing

  2. It works great. Even better once you enable the "Skip Lockscreen" toggle.

  3. I didn't realize this was an option. must have skipped passed it. Game changer

  4. I mean.. that's a pretty big issue. If it's as power hungry as the 6 pros screen was and now it's like 25% brighter it's gonna kill battery life whenever ur outside.

  5. How about just use the phone since you actually have it and decide if you like it based on your own user experience instead of whatever review you most recently read?

  6. That sign is just to keep the cops and narcs out. You just ask again to get that happy ending

  7. Everything you said is technically true. Doesn’t change the reality, which is ensuring the strangers around you notice.

  8. I like clear cases on my android phones just cause I like to see the actual cor of the phone. I assume for apple folks it's the same.

  9. Yeah, people have been angry about it over on Twitter and I guess it infuriates a few republicans because there's a Velma movie or series or something coming up soon.

  10. How can I possibly beat my meat to my Velma hentai knowing it isn't even in close to canon? If I beat off to her getting piped it's like I'm a hypocrite living in a false reality and I just won't stand for that.

  11. I understand that they are being hypocritical with their statement about "fragile white redditors" and it is a gross and racist thing to say, but at the same time the thread WAS invaded by racist white dudes.

  12. If you have a hard time seeing why what the mod said was wrong, replace "white people" with any other racial group and see if you're still comfortable with what the mod said.

  13. I feel like racism in a way stems from this too. Not that black people don't look human, but the fact that they're really similar looking to white people but not quite is what triggers that fear response and makes people mistrust the fuck out of other groups that don't look quite like them

  14. Good horror does not need jumpscares. There are such few appropriate jumpscares I can only think of one that was good. (Resident Evil: Dogs jumping through the window).

  15. Jump scares are actually a useful tool. It relives the that coiled tightening sense of anxiety. something happened and now it's over and your brain knows you can relax.

  16. My headphones also cut out. Been looking for some that won't but I think the watch BT just sucks is all

  17. Happens to me sometimes. I've solved it by reconnecting my headphones.

  18. Literally everyone. Its weird to me that anyone thinks Firefox is anywhere close to the user base Chrome has.

  19. It's basically for the same reasons Microsoft funded Apple. When you're a borderline monopoly you need to make sure your competitors don't die.

  20. The 255 is better (its newer) but the 245 is the better value per dollar. If youre on a budget or just don't want to spend more than necessary, get the 245. If you want the latest and greatest get the 255.

  21. I would consider the Forerunner 255 or 245 over the 945 and 745. Consider the 745 dead, the 255 does everything the 745 did and more.

  22. I hear the Instinct and Fenix series are pretty durable, or at the very least they're marketed that way.

  23. Yeah but back then, all the wrong women were burning their bras.

  24. Passengers can be assumed to have far more safety checks in place (seat belts, airbags, etc)

  25. You're right! And still people won't buy a car that doesn't prioritize their well being.

  26. It's good, but remember vo2max isn't really something you should compare to others, more so for comparing to yourself.

  27. The battle of Gallipoli was world War 1. Magazines weren't really a thing that was used in large numbers. Stripper clips were. That's why I said clip. Most likely this round was on a 5-7 round stripper clip when it was hit. Inside the pocket or bandolier of a soldier.

  28. I've only gone to the range a dozen or so times in my life. The main two things I've learned is always treat a gun like it's loaded and everyone will make fun of you if you call a magazine a clip.

  29. Turning off bluetooth and wifi helped me the most for extending my non running day battery life.

  30. I'm right handed and will wear it on my right hand during runs cause the bluetooth in the watch sucks and its the only way to get a clear signal to my headphones.

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