1. Well, I'll admit that I've played more PSP games on the vita than actual vita games

  2. Well... Tbh Ps Vita games are good but many of em RPG or JRPG which I'm not a really big fan of... So that's why...

  3. I actually like them, but yeah PSP have a bigger variety of games. Even I would get tired very fast by playing only RPG titles. Jeanne d'Arc is still one of my favorite games of all time though

  4. Loved this game, the final boss was really hard to kill from memory

  5. Try fighting flying fox with a broken controller, and realizing it only after you beat the game lol

  6. Well, that's certainly a possibility. But after poisoning our part of the river and hiding information about it, you remain first in the line /s

  7. Im not even against Poland in this. It’s probably better for seweden to give it all back but I bet the PiS will do it’s best to alienate the Swedish and therefore I bet nazism will be on the table xD

  8. Well, it's PiS we are talking about here. And it's not like Swedes are the only ones with stolen treasures. I'm looking at you Britain.

  9. This is the fucker who thought breaking bad had anything to do with politics

  10. Don't forget about him copying a video from a smaller Youtuber literally word for word

  11. Ok, sorry again. I got notification just after posting my other comment and didn't notice it was a reply to something entirely different. God, I'm so stupid. Anyway, the video was on Reddit. Original creator overlord gaming

  12. Thanks. Hate and discrimination don’t have legs to stand on. They’re not based on logic and are just shoddy products of the primitive and fearful part of the brain saying “you’re not like me, so I don’t want you near me”.

  13. Yeah, that's true. I still remember watching Robin Hood 2018 with my dad and seeing him getting pissed at the movie for casting a black actor in a medieval FANTASY lol

  14. I’ve never had a psp but i‘m planning to get a ps TV because homebrew should be pretty cool on that thing.

  15. Why ps TV though? I'm asking out of curiosity if you consider getting one due to lack of any other devices that can run homebrew on a big screen. If you are in a possession of even a low end PC or PS3, why would you choose TV over Vita that is capable of running the same software and more?

  16. can i recommend you a video? It’s from modern vintage gamer and it’s called: revisiting the sony playstation tv.

  17. Yeah I watched it, cool video. I thought about getting one for collecting purposes, but in my case I don't really see the appeal of homebrew on it as I already have the vita. I'm not the center of the world though lol

  18. They've been told what's going on. Hell even Trump kept moaning about it and people made him look like he's a fool because of that. He was a fool for 5 min, Germans are fools for life.

  19. I still find funny that in Futurama there's a moon farmer with confederate flag on his rover lol

  20. I agree, I personally think a lot of people should strike against Disney / Marvel.

  21. Good idea, but don't forget it's not just a Disney / Marvel problem. WB, Sony, Universal, Netflix, etc. The whole VFX industry is fucked up and something really has to be done about it.

  22. Same. What did you think about Astral Ocean?

  23. I stopped buying games on steam 2 years ago. A physical copy is what I prefer to acquire this days

  24. It also tries really hard to be deeper than it is, which makes it pretty fun to read

  25. That's not a "gamer picture" as you said, It's art made by Anne Stokes, you can find it here

  26. It's still so sad to me Sony and MS couldn't go with Nvidia GPU this gen for better RT and DLSS. Can't even hold a solid 60 with constant dips to 50 or 40 in a last gen game on an RDNA2 chip with RT on. Even an Nvidia chip with equivalent performance to like a 3060 in RT and DLSS would be awesome.

  27. Does the Elf girl from another world ever show up?

  28. The only thing I was thinking while watching this is. Do I like the art style or do I hate it?

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