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  1. I don’t understand the heavy stubber. I’ve tried it a few times and the only thing I like it for is RPing ogryn where you only let go of the trigger when bullets stop coming out.

  2. A heavy stubber firing in controlled bursts can suppress and even kill things at range like a boss, especially with a high stability rating. Along with the rumbler, it's actually decent at dealing with specials off in the distance. Huge mag sizes mean you don't have to reload until the fight is over. It basically sacrifices close range carnage for more reach. It might also be more effective vs armor? Can't remember for sure apparently armor pen is a weakness of the stubber

  3. Wow that's some next level stuff! Would you mind sharing the details on how to make that happen?

  4. Every server I'm getting in everything is working. Just super slowly.

  5. Same, I tried for the first time last night and got in. Even random drawers in the hab opened slowly. ASOP works but is super slow from 3.17. If you look away before it "pulls" your attention, you may get stuck staring at the ceiling or whatever lol

  6. Wow, I didn't even think about the 2 axis thing, lol. Such an obvious thing too as it's basically a joystick. Having the second axis could come in handy in ED. And the twist... I might just have to pick one of these up too!

  7. If you can't log in, try this. I read it from another user here and it actually worked for me last night. I even got in the PU, claimed my cutter and did my first ascent out of the new Orison quantum ceiling, but had to log off after (real life stuff).

  8. Drybrushing is a useful technique that shouldn't be belittled. Some painter specializes at it and get results as good as a hundred glazes. As an example, check out the Artis Opus channel.

  9. Yeah most people think it's a rudimentary technique only

  10. I go places alone all the time, if you just own it nobody really cares. “I needed to get out of my house for a bit” “I just wanted to come check this place out I heard it was good ”. You can also invite them to sit down, and make a joke of it. “Hey man feel free to sit it’s not like your taking anyone’s seat.”

  11. Yeah I think people asking about being alone is more because they'd be afraid to do it and are surprised you are. If they see you're confident and fine with it, they'll be impressed.

  12. In situations like this, I would rather offer no explanation at all. If it had been me and she had asked me "So you're, uh, just here alone?", I'd simply answered with a "Yeah" and a smile.

  13. Yeah agree 100%. The response you give has huge weight in determining the outcome. A confident response with no shame for eating alone will make you look confident and attractive, and give more openings for social engagement. "Yeah (smile), want to meet next week to catch up?"

  14. Whether any species could understand language has always been a subject of debate, Alex was adept at language, with a vocabulary of over 100 words. He is also the first non human animal to ask a question, looking in a mirror he asked what the colour of his feathers were. More about Alex :

  15. Check this out. Psychology professor teaches his dog thousands of words, names, verbs, etc:

  16. I think that should be “didn’t” because now you do.

  17. What kinds of uses do people have for their SD card? I haven't used mine and am curious.

  18. Dont forget companies are now promoting the 8k res vid that these phones are supposed to be able to record. That stuff will take up storage FAST. Its easy and convenient to be able to swap out a card on the go. Expandable/swappable storage will forever be useful as cameras take higher res pics and vids taking up more space than they did before.

  19. Thank you so much. I am not so up on tech anymore and this helps more than downvotes 😂

  20. Yeah my initial reaction 100%, looks exactly like it

  21. I see very little chance that some MSRs will have more "thruster" issues than others, or something. It's more likely that each item type (manufacturer and model) will have a flat % of chance A will go wrong when B happens.

  22. I think it could be possible by having many different possible combinations of components and sub-components, and by having components in varying states of wear/repair, that ships could develop unique engineering quirks. E.g. "The salvaged cooler in this MSR likes to randomly freeze up for a few seconds at a time, so watch it and be sure to go easy on the boost when it's down, because these budget civilian power plants break quick when hot. "

  23. I fly one every single day, and I never see another Terrapin.

  24. I love the look of the terrapin, but never owned one, doesn't seem very useful. What kind of game loops do you like doing in it?

  25. My life achievement: trying as many hobbies as possible while not sticking with any of them

  26. NICE simpit setup and CCNA book ;) I have Cisco academy books over a decade old still lying around. Network engineers represent!

  27. Thanks and I'm in school for it. I can program C# and a handful of other languages, but not an IT guy yet.

  28. Awesome, sounds like you're on your way to a great career. Good luck!

  29. Any advice on the viability of the army and how to improve it would be appreciated


  31. Yup, early 2022 ordered my first piece of flight sim gear ever, a single VKB Gladiator Evo. Showed up in like 4 days, and is an absolutely phenomenal piece of kit.

  32. VKB reps are active on discord too, they answered my assembly question very quickly. Great products, great service!

  33. As a newer player to the verse it’s surprising to see the reaction of some people here after this cheat system is exposed. Instead of condemning the use of cheats and standing up for “fair play” some individuals become defensive or even hostile towards those that expose said cheats. Cheating undermines the integrity of the game, we should be grateful for those who take the time (long RP intro or not) to expose these cheats and make this online community a more enjoyable experience.

  34. They're not hostile to him for exposing the cheating, it's his general conduct over a period of time, especially how he accused someone else of cheating, tried to get then banned, publicly named and shamed him, and when proven wrong by the accused, he NEVER apologized. Check this thread for more info:

  35. While I don't like how he accused those people of cheating publicly, you are wrong in saying he never apologized; he has a pinned comment on their response video saying how he was wrong and he's sorry. Personally I'm not an Avenger1 fan, if I want to watch SC combat content I turn to Citizen Kate mostly, but I don't like to see anyone falsely accused.

  36. Which video? Link? If it's the one I'm thinking of he simply admits being wrong about the cheating but never actually apologizes.

  37. Thank you! I had it downloaded and really just ran around looking at stuff. Waiting for my days off to truely experience the game! (Or die gloriously)

  38. Be prepared to die. Alot. Here's a guide to some workarounds:

  39. Sorry not trying to be unhelpful, it just popped into my mind, it's one of the best ways to make money. You could do ROC mining until you can afford a good combat ship, then work up to it. That's exactly what I did. ROC mining became too unreliable for me, sometimes flying for 10 mins with no hadanite found.

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