1. Theme From the Bottom: Iconic Jams and the Deep Sea Creatures That Inspired Them

  2. Tube -> Jim -> Tube from Mexico this year was pretty great

  3. the sphere shows have some great, really clear Mike bass!

  4. going to limit myself to what i’ve seen in person, so here are mine at the moment (in no particular order). could be different tomorrow

  5. Night 2 of Hollywood bowl last year was one of my favorite shows I’ve ever been to. How could there be a better 2001 than that

  6. yes. i still hear sally coming now when 2001 ends, every time

  7. i think it was the best show musically, overall, of the run. the visuals were arguably the weakest that night (still great, but the others were better) - unless you, like me, buy the theory that even those were something of a head fake ahead of what they had planned for N2-4.

  8. I think the visuals from N1 are getting a bad rap because the stream wasn't as good (camera focused more on the band the first night than the actual sphere). The visuals were great in person, particularly the Mike's>Lifeboy>Weekapaug section, though there were parts weaker than others and you could say that about any of the nights.

  9. that’s fair, and i don’t disagree. was there too and mike’s groove was absolutely stunning, and i don’t care, i liked the tweezer cars! and was a perfect fit too... i’d just have to hand it to the other nights, especially night 2, for having the better visuals overall of the two

  10. you’re right it’s not bullshit, that was just for the sake of argument (luckily, the rest of this thread sorted it out)

  11. check out 4/1/86, it’s in the spreadsheet, or relisten

  12. to take something that is so human, organic, perfect and yet imperfect that is Phish… and hand it over to an algorithm… couldn’t be me.

  13. this is what you’re looking for (or at least one photographer, i’m sure there were others)

  14. Kesey made me miss Mockingbird. Still not happy about it. Started in 93 and still going strong, but have not yet had a mockingbird!

  15. attack on the bass (soundcheck-only as far as i know, 3/1/97) if that counts

  16. really, i think if anything the influx will come when they go back to the sphere. anyone going to another show will be probably disappointed (wrongly) that the typical phish show is not what they saw in the sphere videos.

  17. this is basically my list, but i would add wolfman’s, sand and tweezer from N1 as well

  18. sand/tweezer, pillow jets, fuego, disease and gin all were standouts to me

  19. I think Trey was just completely blown away from the moment, like coming down from the most beautiful acid trip and Mike was more composed. I don’t think it was tension.

  20. this was my read too, plus Mike had a hell of a run - he deserved and earned that hug!

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