1. For those who may be thinking of island tour in april 98 and are confused by OP saying "another couple of months"-

  2. June ‘97 is such a great month, hearing the funk emerge more and more (6/19/97 is a favorite! 6/24/97 too.. the Ghost closer alone…)

  3. 12/2/95 Tweezer is 15:02 (close enough) of pure hose fire.

  4. came here to say this! (upvoted too, for good measure)

  5. i’ve been really surprised — maybe that’s wrong! — by how tight it’s been for those… because it’s GA, the resale market elsewhere isn’t terrible, but i’ve been holding out assuming it’ll loosen up (and reminding myself that it’s only March in the process….)

  6. listened to 6/19/97 for the first time over the weekend — the stash > ghost > saw it again is a nice long, immersive and funky ride. maybe not “happy” but it’ll take your mind elsewhere..

  7. visiting a great city/state that’s a lot different from where you live (i’m also on the east coast) and getting three phish shows in an iconic outdoor venue at what should be an incredible time of year weather-wise on top of it? if you can swing it financially, you know the answer here!

  8. listened to that C&P about five times in just the last day. sooo good.

  9. i’ll admit: i never have. but everyone i’ve seen back there at a show seems to be having a great time.

  10. right there with ya. kinda corny, dad rock-y? sure. but i’m into it!

  11. listened to the alpharetta tweezer today, in anticipation of summer tour. 8/1/21

  12. Story of Sally is from Deer Creek 2021 I think.

  13. was NOT there, but such a fun show, seriously. enjoy OP!

  14. so great! this was my to/from listen for jones beach last summer (N2, if i recall correctly) and it made the trek so much more enjoyable

  15. the second set on friday is up there with my favorite sets of more recent phish (call it 3.0, 4.0 whatever) — same with 12/30/22. really, really, really liked the Chalkdust Gin — what a ride

  16. few things better, to me, than when you’re feeling like you took just enough at a show and “I'm sinking down, it's a glorious feeling. Makes a big difference, my body is reeling…” hits just right.

  17. i wasn’t in the pit last summer but being there in pavs made me never want to be! it looked super cramped, and not fun at all, people were spilling out of the walkways.

  18. i’m not gonna lie — and i don’t mean this to be rude to OP — but the idea of this is basically the opposite of why i like to go to shows.

  19. He moves abroad dude. Chill. I’m thinking of moving to Australia. I’ll still follow them from down under though. Got me for life

  20. all right all right all right, clearly did not know that (sorry)

  21. So clearly didn’t read the OP, but sounding off with your opinion.

  22. yes, that is true and it’s what i’m apologizing for! i’m sure i am the first person in the history of reddit to miss some detail of a post before reacting.

  23. Thanks for hangin yall! See you on the road this year and beyond! Long live the Phish from Vermont!

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