1. I went to At Last Piercing today to see their jewelry selection and discuss how I'd like to have my septum redone. I had it pierced in 1995 and retired it in 2000ish. They said "let's see if it's still open" and I can't believe it still was! So, I picked a 14k circular barbell and had it put it with nothing more than a gentle stretch with the taper. I'm so stoked.

  2. At last in garden grove? This is my go to I love them!

  3. My Boston has this same Halloween blanket! She sleeps with it every night before she’s ready to come under my covers!

  4. They did a mini series on this story this year on Netflix that was really good. It’s so interesting to me that this was like first in history for underwater anesthesia under a doctors supervision. Such a wild story.

  5. Reach out to their customer service email, they are pretty quick to respond

  6. Yes, that's exactly the same as Neilmed. Beware that nozzle is a jet spray not a mist like NeilMed though.😂

  7. Oh my god it has killed me, too. I just finished yesterday for the first time, and it’s such an intense vicarious ride, with the emotions hitting first-hand. And of course, Phoebe is a brilliant writer anyway.

  8. You’re not alone!!!! It will take time time to get back to feeling normal hahaha!

  9. Not sure if you went ahead with the stacks but I got the same ones yesterday and I love them

  10. Please show me!!!!! And no I haven’t gone with anything yet!! My yearly appointment isn’t until January!

  11. I don't actually know how to add a picture haha but it looks literally exactly like your picture! I got it above my first and second holes to make a triangle and have dainty hoops in the first and seconds. I'm low key considering getting another at the bottom later on to make a diamond shape haha

  12. You’ll love him in the show Departure!! It’s on peacock.

  13. Well at least there's one kid he doesn't let down after promising college.

  14. He kinda does tho..bc he bails on Astrid by the end of the episode lol

  15. 529 plans: This plan's name comes from an IRS code section specifically allowing adults to save for college in the name of a child. The plan has tax benefits; the investment earnings from the account grow free of federal taxes if used for qualifying college expenses.

  16. Anatomy looks good for one, it’s just the placement is wrong. Luckily we can remove piercings let them heal and then get them redone. I have hope for you!

  17. I would go to a reputable piercer for advice. If it is infected they might suggest not removing it because it can trap the infection. Might suggest going to urgent care for antibiotics first to remove infection and then see if you can save the piercing with longer jewelry. Good luck to you!

  18. Main place mall I believe has the Tokyo store. Westminster mall also has the Tokyo store. Newport Beach has shop n play store. Mitsuwa market in Irvine and Costa Mesa occasionally has them.

  19. I blow dry them left and right across my forehead. Like fully all my bangs to the left and then immediately all my bangs to the right and repeat until dry. Then part them.

  20. I actually took my left arm off of my eyeglasses and sunglasses. I did it for 3 months and that was good enough for mine!

  21. It works best for glasses that have nose pads because they kinda help with keeping the glasses up right. I had to not use my nose pad-less glasses during those 3 months it was sad for outfits that they matched best but it was worth it to not delay healing. Your piercer should have acknowledged that you are a glasses wearer when they picked the spot for your piercing but I insisted I would make it work bc I wanted my flat in a specific place haha. Good luck to you!!

  22. If it’s hand painted balayage it usually starts around $300 (my quotes I get in Southern California Orange County area).

  23. I laughed when I saw him on Channel Zero. I’m only a few episodes in, but this definitely seems like a role he’s more comfortable in. Referring to Channel Zero, I haven’t seen Friend of the Family.

  24. For this show he’s only on the final episode and for like two minutes during this scene

  25. I did lmao nothing pops up. This is paul schneider no?

  26. If you are using pirate ship it’s the same shipping cost for anything under 4oz. It’s usually around $3.75 for shipping when I ship them out in a 6x10 bubble mailer. One single angel is about 1.5-2 ounces.

  27. I miss it too!! I’m pretty sure the one by Costco is still sitting there empty..

  28. This facial expression of hers is super triggering for me..brings me right back to the trial. Such an actress.

  29. I'll add my experience, I received the bivalent booster a few days ago. 12 hours after I was horribly ill with nausea and violent vomiting if I tried to eat or drink. I landed in the hospital for dehydration as I am pregnant and it wasn't safe for me to be dehydrated. I had severe dehydration and tachycardia. Along with not being able to keep anything down, I also had bad chest and upper back pain. No fever. It was bizzare no way to know if it was booster or a coincidence and doctors didn't know either they just treated my dehydration and got me on nausea meds. Finally 48 hours later the pain went away and I was able to fully eat and drink again after easing into it.

  30. I’m on day 3 and the first two days I was super nauseated and had fevers and horrible chills and shins hurt like aching. I’m on day three now and most of my day I felt 90% back to normal but now that I’m typing this my fever is back and also newly woke up today to chest pain when I breathe deep. This is not fun at all. I hope you are doing better now!

  31. Where is your conch jewelry from in the second photo? I love it

  32. Ah just like you listed below! I had googled it earlier and it was just actual nefertitis lol so I thought maybe it wasn’t listed but thank you!

  33. As a tribute to the final series of Peaky Blinders, cake artists Stephanie Would, from Bradford, Jane Lashbrook, from London, Sherrilee Clark and Corinna Maguire created an immersive Garrison pub for visitors to pull up a chair and sit down with a life-size cake version of Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy).

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