OFFICIAL: Hugh Jackman joins Deadpool 3, coming September 2024!

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  1. Get paid to get fit I wish I had that deal lol no worries for bills and other expenses in life

  2. He may not be short and stinky Wolverine but I respect how dedicated Jackman has been to this role, even 5 years after he had supposedly retired from the character

  3. Why do I have a huge feeling that Deadpool 3 will not be Hugh Jackman’s last time playing Wolverine, and somehow Kevin Feige will also be able to talk him into making an appearance in Secret Wars?

  4. I feel like after her last show didn’t go well and got cancelled, she immediately came back to play Maggie cause it seems like the only place where she’ll be certain that she’ll have a gig in her acting career.

  5. I’m curious if Titania will appear again in both of the last two episodes or just one of them. My guess would be the finale, but I know that she still has gotten be in one of these episodes especially since there is a BTS photo of Mark in his motion-cap suit and Jameela in costume

  6. Is the pic on the right of him AS joel? He's got the eyes down pat. The brows are a bit too furrowed, joel looks sick of everyones shit without making active angry face, but the eyes nailed it.

  7. I honestly thought there would be more backlash because Pedro is Hispanic. I swear if the actor isn’t an exact carbon copy of the game character then people have meltdowns.

  8. Same, but you'd be surprised how many people threw shade all because Pedro can't grow a full scale beard.

  9. I have a feeling this change has a lot to do with the development of Blade not going well, and Armor Wars will replace its position in the slot.

  10. It's kind of weird that Spider-Man: No Way Home was somehow one of the least-rushed movies that they've made in Phase 4, considering how much is in the movie.

  11. Yeah I was really worked that NWH would feel rushed, but they managed to get almost everything right in that movie!

  12. Even though the people involved in the series are suppose to hype their projects, Neil Drunkmann & Troy Baker have openly voiced how extremely impressed they are with Bella’s portrayal as Ellie.

  13. Maybe this will be a breakout performance? We will know when we know. Buy haven't been given enough yet to speculate. I remember when people were mad Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker...

  14. Exactly! I know people involved with the show will only say positive things to hype their projects, but Neil Drunkmann and Troy Baker have both stated how extremely impressed they are with Bella’s portrayal as Ellie.

  15. I do agree with what you’re saying. The casting of Abby will certainly be a very challenging task for the people involved in the show, but you never really know.

  16. So, to cap off the major individuals who Marvel Studios have brought and absorbed into the MCU so far:

  17. F4. It’s eSily the most popular and it’s already been fucked up twice.

  18. Yeah this sounds right. There hasn’t really been a Fantastic Four movie that people would regard as one of the “best comic book movies ever made”

  19. especially since the FF are so important to Marvel. The first family of Marvel who introduce the idea of flawed heroes that you can say they perfected in Spider-Man.

  20. The way they got us to care about the Guardians of the Galaxy (a team I didn’t even know about until they were introduced in the MCU) is how I want to care about the MCU’s Fantastic Four.

  21. I think Spider-Man 4 will be Spider-Man: Team Red

  22. The best way to match NWH (I don’t wanna say top, cause the three Spider-Men was perfection) would be another movie where the next trio is Spider-Man, Daredevil & Deadpool

  23. Rumours say Jon bernthal will be in the new Daredevil born series. They couldn't get Kristen Ritter back she's to busy working in the new orphan black so bernthals in.

  24. They still plan to bring Krysten Ritter back in the Born Again series, she just won’t have the original storyline she was given which is now being passed onto Jon Bernthal.

  25. Can’t believe we’re actually gonna see Hugh Jackman in the classic Wolverine suit

  26. To think I was finally about to accept that Logan was the last time we truly would ever see Hugh Jackman portray the character ever again.

  27. I didn’t believe it until I saw the Marvel Studios logo and release date!!

  28. To think I fully accepted that Logan really was going to be the last time we ever see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine again!

  29. I’m still not sure if I want Wanda to return as a villain or if I’d like her to have a redemption arc. As much as some fans like to see her go back to her hero routes, I kinda like how she is a bit of a loose cannon.

  30. When I spoke with Troy at a convention in August, he stated that he only appears in one episode and so does Ashley but wouldn’t say is they appear in the same one together

  31. I’m in class right now and I needed to keep my excitement contained watching this trailer!

  32. I'm dreaming that some day they will bring Emma back as Spider Gwen. It is possible now due to Multiverse. Pls let it happen!

  33. I have a strong feeling that Tobey & Andrew will be brought back in Secret Wars, and Andrew's Spider-Man will have a scene with a variant of Gwen (Spider-Gwen) where he finally gets the closure he truly needs.

  34. This is making me think of the chaos he'll potentially be going through in Kang Dynasty & Secret Wars

  35. His death is a clear example of how people can die at any point in their lives, even if it’s for the smallest things that could’ve been avoided.

  36. Still not over his death. I will always view the ending of Aladdin in a different light.

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