1. Are you high or just incredibly stupid? The guy has a different opinion than you and you say he needs therapy? Christ on a pogo stick, get help!

  2. I've been to 4 Arby's in 4 different states and they've all been awful

  3. It's news about stupid people, are extremists (on any side really) not stupid?

  4. The story itself is fake. Rebelnews.com is a notoriously biased far right site that makes a mockery of the name news. It cherry picks data to push its own preferred conclusion, rather than looking at all the data and using it to come to a real conclusion. It's neither research nor journalism; it's literally propaganda.

  5. For further context, just check the bottom of the image. Rebelnews.com, not exactly an unbiased source of reliable media. The sub is for real news stories about people doing stupid things, not fake stories by people trying to push agendas.

  6. I'd be pretty bummed out if I had to wait 6 years between Pokémon games, but I do think it would be nice if they had a bit more time to iron out the kinks instead of being forced to give us a new game every single year. Like, maybe for starters they could give us one every other year.

  7. Strangers? They're all classmates and good friends.

  8. These stooges don't care about facts; they just love to parrot their slogan despite it never once being proven true.

  9. Tell us when that starts happening, because it isn't.

  10. I said examples of men dominating women's sports. Not women participating. Fuck off, transphobe.

  11. True, but as someone more eloquent than me said, it's also a canary in the coal mine for LGBT+ sentiment.

  12. And yet countless trolls continue to chant, "Go woke, go broke," even though it's very clear that the majority actually supports inclusivity.

  13. If your a billionaire, why would you do all this work for a few measly million? He's either the biggest liar or greediest person to ever live.

  14. KCM does not have a monopoly on the name Kansas City, you troll. KCK is just as legitimate Kansas City as KCM.

  15. KS 66111. Glad you finally agree they aren't in Kansas City. Which is in MO.

  16. They ARE in Kansas City. Also, as a side note, I've reported almost every single comment you've made on the subject. Rule 1 of the sub: Respect others.

  17. Disbelief? This happens every time the GOP controls the house with a dem prez.

  18. Yeah, this isn't even the first time this has happened in the last 10 years.

  19. I honestly never liked this song, mainly because I never liked that episode. I hate identity theft stories and "(s)he's an imposter" plot twists, so I just didn't like it.

  20. I’ve had In and Out many, many times. It’s also kinda bad. Their trade secret is just adding mustard to a hamburger.

  21. I hate mustard, so that would actively make it worse for me.

  22. Yeah, the patties on their burgers are as thin as cardboard. At least, that was the case at the last one I visited.

  23. I gave up a few games ago, it’s sad to see the pokemon fanbase eating whatever shit they’re given and demanding everyone be grateful. I hear people mention pokemon fans being impossible to please but i reckon they’re too easy to please, they will buy the 2 games every time and shit on them. Nintendo don’t care that the community hates it, because they buy it either way.

  24. We understand. We all saw it happen in January 2017. Thankfully the clown moved out in January 2021.

  25. Me too. I hate yourself and love the world, too.

  26. From my personal experience, women don't close the lid ether. It's all about the seat. Not enough people actually close the lid before flushing. In fact, I can't think of a house aside from mine where the lid was down when I used the restroom. From rich millionaires to people squeaking by on minimum wage.

  27. I don't think I've ever even seen a public toilet with a lid, only seats. I only ever see lids on toilets in houses and hotels.

  28. Ok. Why does a man have to be the one to touch it? Why can't we leave it up so meni don't have to touch it? This is what we call double standards.

  29. I use my foot to raise or lower the lid. If it's a public bathroom, I also use my foot to push the flush thing.

  30. Wow, this sub is full of other single people who have given up. I'm going to say put yourself out there. Improve your looks, get out and meet people at coffeeshops, bars, sign up for fun events where single people show up

  31. Not to mention singles events and online dating, things that exist solely for the purpose of meeting people.

  32. The religious right knows that they've already irrevocably lost the upcoming generations, and that they have to entrench themselves in power now before they're inevitably swept out.

  33. But they're still technically comic book characters... any character that appears in a comic book is a character in that comic. Making them a comic book character.

  34. That's a horrible way to define a comic book character. By that logic, basically every cartoon character ever is a comic book character. Have you ever been to a ComicCon? They have comics for everything.

  35. Yikes, my comment must've touched a nerve.

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