1. Lampard at his peak was the 3rd best player in the world. KdB barely broke top 5.

  2. Looooool. Wtf did I just read. Even top 10 it's a stretch. English bias, my god.

  3. You can look at the Balon d'or placement lists and save yourself the ignominy of coming off as childishly ignorant

  4. Yes, and Owen has a balon d'or. Have fun with your hallucinations.

  5. I believe that neighbouring Spain (another country that shares a lot of "Mediterranean" prejudice) is influenced by France, which is generally more "liberal". So Spain acts like a border between progressive values and Christianity. Nevertheless, Portugal is much better than east Europe.

  6. What a bunch of nonsense lol. For starters, France has little to none influence in Spain.


  8. When women don’t want to have sex with men, there’s an emotional disconnect or something has gone wrong. Likely she hasn’t spoken up about it or she HAS spoken up about it several times but it hasn’t been addressed or has been brushed aside by him. Women just dont stop wanting to have sex, honestly unless something is really wrong. I back that statement with my life. He really needs to sit down with her and see what’s going on with her and have a very deep and or emotional conversation.

  9. Loooool, so all the responsibility goes to the man, gotcha.

  10. Yes that would have been much better. Subbed, of course, and in the appropriate Tolkien languages.

  11. Actually if the elves spoke only in quenya/sindarin that would be sick.

  12. He's gonna have some periods where he's going to look like an absolute donkey and people are going to shit on him lol.

  13. Yeah, I'm honestly not convinced for what I've seen so far from him.

  14. You can't improve talent. He will comfortably score 20 or more in domestic competitions by raw power and positioning, but I don't see him being a total champions League star when defenses are elite and tight. Open to have my words turn useless tho.

  15. Whiteness is a sliding scale, especially among portuguese descendants in California -how do you think California has so many republican congressman with latin-sounding names? Devin Nunes (of Devin vs the Cow fame) is Portuguese descended.

  16. The thing is Castro is as or more white than Franco Himself.

  17. Some of those did start out as wingers though. Henry and Van Persie for example.

  18. Villa played wide at barsa and Spain too. Same for Eto'o

  19. I don't think it's an absurd take at all. Kova is a good player and FDJ was so hyped but didn't come to expectation even playing in the system he should shine in and now his club is desperately want to sell him.

  20. All these people I keep reading about how de Jong is the second coming of Matthaus are in for a surprise when he gets to the Premier. He is good but nowhere near the price tag and clout he has.

  21. My hot take is most Star Wars movies suck and get far more praise than they deserve. The mandolorian is the best thing Star Wars has done since empire strikes back and it’s not even close.

  22. That's very far from being a hot take in any website.

  23. also if the movie sucked, so what? No excuse for the harassment. Also, i somehow doubt Harrison Ford or JJ Abrahams were receiving the same amount of hate/harassment as John did.

  24. What? JJ Abrams has received more Vritiol than the whole cast combined.

  25. Well, sexuality and romantic desire aren't inherently linked. An asexual person can absolutely be in love with someone and an aromantic person can still get horny. So Obi-Wan could absolutely have an attraction to men as well as women, but still only have ever loved Satine. It doesn't invalidate the character or his motivations in any way, shape, or form.

  26. Bruh, if you find something in the more than 100 established stories obi wan is featured in that even hints that he is anything other than straight I'll give you a reward.

  27. De Ligt (and De Jong) are forever talked about like they haven't been disappointments since their big moves, from people who've probably watched them maximum twice each in the last 3 years

  28. I don't know about de ligt but De Jong clout is insane. He got outplayed by two teens and a 33 years old after costing 80 millions and PL fans still think it's Barca's system fault.

  29. Having someone like Nacho as your fourth centre back is something what, five teams can boast of? It’s excellent.

  30. They have no full backs unless you are counting nacho and alaba there. I don't know, I don't see them winning the league this year honestly. They are two injuries apart from being a comfortable 4 position team.

  31. That doesn't mean you can count them out of the saga. There are 9 mainstream Skywalker saga movies, you might not like it but there's nothing to be done about it.

  32. Mmmm yes you can? I'm positive me and thousands of people aren't rewatching the sequels ever.

  33. Just started reading the lord of the rings, I wanna be up to date before the tv show is released

  34. You should read the Silmarillion for better understanding of the New series, as well as the Return of the King appendix.

  35. Didn’t you read the post? It’s a matter of interpretation, just because you’re not used to imagine those dwarfes or elves as black doesn’t mean that’s it’s accurate for a made up fantasy story. Authenticity in a fantasy world? Are you fucking with me?

  36. Yes, authenticity. If the author of the world states that some species are pale, they are fucking pale, for whatever damm reason he wants. I don't even really care about it, but I don't understand the mental gymnastics some people do to justify what it's obviously and executive decision from the producers to gain track.

  37. Exactly, this is the only valid take to have about the skin tone issue in my opinion. Yes it's a "technical" deviation from the source, but hardly lore breaking. Nobody complained this hard when dwarves in the hobbit movies were hot and beardless, which honestly is a much more egregious departure from the character description than some of them having darker skin lol.

  38. Nobody complained? My brother in Christ there were almost riots because of the sexy dwarves and interspecies romance.

  39. Havertz doesn’t even seem like he’s supposed to be that guy for an attack. He strikes me more as a kdb type player who facilitates the flow of the offense and not necessarily the leader of the offense

  40. It´s a pure 10 that is locked out of position due to Tuchel system. Quite a waste if you ask me.

  41. It's got nothing to do with Tuchel, it was the same under Lampard. The system is the issue, but the system is the issue because the managers are having to work with what they have and what they have is a lot of dogshit attackers and a midfield that can't support itself without 5 defenders behind it.

  42. A jorginho Kanté Kovacic couldn't sustain itself? I don't know about that.

  43. These PL parrots will just downvote anything. Frenkie was getting outplayed by 17 yo Gavi. It's a fact. Digest it and watch the matches instead of being little bitches.

  44. For real lol. Talented but nowhere near the transfer value he got.

  45. Good point. Except in this instance I don't see why Chelsea would be a less attractive option for Kounde. They won the CL 2 years back.

  46. And he has stated that multiple times. People here are overdramatizing something very simple lol, he prefers to live in Spain.

  47. Kounde has said multiple times he loves living in Spain, I don't think there's much more to the story honestly.

  48. Traditional values are rigged against women. Why would you desire something that diminishes the health, lifespan and financial independence of another human being that you plan to love..? I am actually happy to read that these are harder to come by, these days. It means that women are finally seeing this.

  49. It's not about women (or men for the matter), it's about family. Modern work society is utterly incompatible with the optimal way of creating a family; people who have the means, whether they are men o women (in this case we are talking about successful men) will take advantage of that and try for a tradicitional family, simply because they can.

  50. There’s a Balloon World Cup that’s exactly like this, if you are wondering, it took place last year

  51. Yup, organized by barsa's player and Shakira husband Gerard Pique and biggest Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos.

  52. Esto es muy sencillo. La gente que viene de fuera son personas. Y como tal, hay de todo. Hijos de puta y gente de gran corazón.

  53. Completamente de acuerdo con el primer párrafo y eso deberían tenerlo claro tanto los pro como los anti inmigración, el problema es que es indefendible mantener a los que delinquen aquí sin al menos tener un sistema de strikes o algo similar antes de la deportación. Vienes a un país extranjero, te acoge (de mejor o peor forma, pero desde luego no te vas a morir de hambre) y encima das por culo?? A tu puta casa, me da igual que tengas 14 o 56 o que digas que el Estado te ha fallado o que no te han hecho caso.

  54. Red Bull absolutely had dominant pace in 2010. Things just conspired to stop then running away with the title. That and having poorer drivers than Alonso or Hamilton.

  55. Yes, that red Bull was way faster than his competition tho se 4 years. If anything, webber and vettel underperformed in 2010.

  56. He is actually class for the national team, he is all but one dimensional; he is very much an unpredictable player that can play everywhere in attack

  57. Unpredictable? His only move is cutting into and shoot a la Robben. Very bad first touch and worse speed. He isn't a bad player, just not a good enough starter striker for barsa.

  58. Then you obviously haven’t seen him play often

  59. No. If I would want to talk about it, I would do it. It genuinely pisses me off when a partner pushes the questioning, everyone needs intimate thoughts.

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