1. Shouldn’t the idea of removing books from our libraries make people fully realize the budding tyranny in our governments?

  2. In this case, I think it's an example of a fringe group that's trying to exploit the one of the weakest links in the Canadian democratic chain.

  3. Pretty dark timeline when it’s considered uplifting that in one instance books didn’t get banned and pulled from shelves. Where the fuck are we headed?

  4. Gotta stay vigilant. Fight the zealots and crazies whenever they appear. I agree, though: it's a shame that we can't trust our democratic structures to keep the idiots at bay.

  5. someone get this guy a job in the analytics department stat

  6. I don't think there's a thread of his that I've read and walked away thinking I haven't learned something.

  7. Considering they haven’t won any, this might have literally been the Rangers World Series.

  8. There is actually a mural of this up on a wall outside a taqueria in Arlington. Looked like it might have to come down, but the

  9. Took me a second! I didn’t realize this war was going on in Canada too.

  10. Yeah, unfortunately the MAGA virus has taken root here too. There are too many groups who are singing from the alt-right hymnal.

  11. I think their last strike was back in 2007,so it's been a good stretch.

  12. The 'what's the best restroom' gets me. As long as it's clean who cares, not everything needs to be magical experience....

  13. It's Fl, with high temps and high humidity. That sun is brutal. It's also a lot of walking, 13 miles a day. If someone isn't used to those things, they may want good, supportive shoes, water bottles that keep water cold in high temps, etc.

  14. I get this, but I always understand responses to these posts to be "This is what I brought/wore/used." By virtue of the fact that there are literally millions of different products that suit people's tastes and needs, I have no idea what information you can reasonably glean from these posts.

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