This was uploaded online with the caption: "We are closer than you think".

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  1. The elephant in the room no one here wants to talk about is that bigger part of younger generations in those countries are not Europeans any more.

  2. Here's an interview with the Police chief. He actually got 2 launchers from Ukrainians and they assured him they are spent and there are no explosives left in them. One was even converted to a speaker. He says it exploded when he was just moving it

  3. I'm curious what kind of launcher was it. Could be RPG-22/26, but in any case I'd expect to see a literal hole in the tube if it is spent.

  4. Here's an interview with the Police chief. He actually got 2 launchers from Ukrainians and they assured him they are spent and there are no explosives left in them. One was even converted to a speaker. He says it exploded when he was just moving it

  5. I'm also from Poland, it's not fake lol. It was the biggest story in news today.



  8. Imagine getting beat up or getting your windows smashed for displaying French flag in France. Actual French people must feel like they're under occupation.

  9. When he was 1,5 years old, him and his mother barely survived the

  10. Does anyone think that it was genocide though? It was an ethnic cleansing for sure but beyond the Polish political stance that's kin to many others', no one recognises it as a genocide at all but a terrible crime to prevent Polish Home Army to reinstate Polish borders & crush Western Ukraine yet again, as they did two decades ago while trying to recapture the imperial extend.

  11. How can you call preplanned slaughtering of 100 000 people in most brutal ways you can imagine just because of their nationality anything other than genocide?

  12. We don't need more dyed foxes. He's not Polish, he shouldn't play for Polish NT.

  13. A simple web search will tell you that "Glory to Ukraine" ("Slava Ukraini") predated fascism, even the original Italian flavor. However, the USSR (and its successor state) has a long history of labeling any enemy as "fascist," e.g., their calling the Berlin Wall the "Antifascist Barrier."

  14. From the Wikipedia page: At its Third Extraordinary Grand Assembly on 21–25 August 1943, the OUN(B) condemned "internationalist and fascist national-socialist programs and political concepts" as well as "Russian-Bolshevik communism", and proposed a "system of free peoples and independent states [as] the single best solution to the problem of world order."

  15. They were nazi collaborationists. OUN was sponsored and trained by the German intelligence Abwehr, they joined up collaborator units and helped Germans first in attacking Polish soldiers and civilians in 1939 during the invasion of Poland, then they joined up collaborationist units and helped Germans in the murdering the Jews.

  16. Is there even any Frenchman in this France team?

  17. The same Japan that is facing a catastrophic population collapse because of its pure inability to stomach even a base level of foreign immigration or liberalise its familial and working culture?

  18. Right, they should import Somalis, that will help them. I would rather go Japanese way. Why population decline is so bad anyway? I would rather have less population than to be replaced.

  19. Everyone knows what specific demographic is responsible for this, but media and governments won't touch this, while the people in question continue their extremely promiscuous and careless behaviour and act as willing super spreaders of another disease.

  20. Where does the prime minister live? In Rinkeby or somewhere like that, or among Swedes? Does someone know?

  21. Yeah... Poland already has more than double increase in diagnoses this year.

  22. Huh, that is interesting, maybe connected with larger immigration from Ukraine

  23. Rather certainly. Ukraine had 10 times more cases than Poland in previous years.

  24. This guy must be under protection of Ukrainian intelligence. He was a high profile crown witness in Poland that testified against his gang accomplices, ran away to Ukraine in 2014 because he was about to be called before parliament commission to testify about connections of previous Polish government (Donald Tusk party) politicians with criminal world.

  25. I really wish they expanded on the peacekeepers and Scarrans being related to earth.

  26. Peacekeepers were basically explained by that Elder Eidelon. Basically the Eidelons, the peace making race took unknown race from distant part of galaxy (humans), modified them genetically and made them their enforcers (Peacekeepers). When Eidelons were destroyed, Peacekeepers were left without guidance and were enforcing peace by only way they know how, by force.

  27. Yes but I wish they expanded on that instead of just one scene. Crichton never found out on screen plus his original worm hole was likely a time portal as well bringing him to the future. The Scarrans were also uplifted using earth flowers.

  28. Yes, it would be a very interesting plot to see expanded, not guy telling it in a minute. The connection to Egyptians and all that. The Scarran plot is also interesting, tbh I didn't register that plant originated on Earth, but that might as well be the case

  29. Commenters in this thread deliberately do mental gymnastics to conflate ethnicity with race. Orban is right and every European leader should work to preserve Europeans.

  30. It's important to remember that Jewish people were citizens of any of those countries.

  31. Most Jews weren't really assimilated. Only 12% of Jews living in Poland in interwar period spoke Polish as their mother language. A lot of them were settled in Poland during Russian occupation, mostly after

  32. Barbaric thugs of Lukashenko will get what's coming to them.

  33. Most of Ukrainian men aren't allowed to leave the country these days so that's what I was talking about.

  34. It's just a matter of giving bribe on Ukrainian side, there are lots of Ukrainian men crossing the border.

  35. They shouldn't make their gay parades here, but if they want to exhaust Polish good will faster then I guess good job.

  36. There's a difference between people immigrating legally through the EU and illegal immigrants from half the world away. Don't really see how it's bum licking, because keeping those people out of Europe is in my interest too. I've never been to UK and don't really plan to. If UK discourages these people from coming, it's a good thing there will be less of them coming to EU too.

  37. The UK still doesn't want you there, legally or otherwise. Poles and Eastern Europeans are treated like shit in the UK, and part of the reason why many voted to leave.

  38. Jak ci coś śmierdzi to może rzeczywiście wymień sobie te swoje onuce.

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