1. Why did you feel the need to censor the word “god”?

  2. I have a Jewish dating subreddit that is currently growing with over 300 members if your interested. Link is in my profile or you can search for r4rjewish

  3. following. girls need dates too haha

  4. "I seem to recall a time years ago with your mom."

  5. I've known quite a few guys who said things like that to me about their hypothetical future wives. Like "if she wants to get married, she's going to have to change her name."

  6. I feel like there are nicer ways to go about it or at least involve the woman in the decision

  7. No, I mean like asking their mods if this subreddit can be associated and in their little link box thingy on the side

  8. When I realised that he has stuck with me through all the lows as well as the highs.

  9. My wife is a very strong, independent woman. Anyone that knows her can back me up in that she is clearly an Alpha female. Im more of a Beta kind of guy, but i am still a strong independent personality. Even though both of us are independent, we both realized we could be independent together. And though we butt heads sometimes, and it aint always pretty, there is no one better to have in my corner and hopefully vice versa, that i would rather share this precious time we call life together with. I knew from her personality that she would be a great mom, and sometimes i need a kick in the pant on occasion i will admit, but i hold my own and im not a drag on the relationship and vice versa.

  10. There's no one "steering":the train, the wheels sit on the rail and the inside circumference is larger than the outer circumference causing them to stay on track. The wheels follow the rails, which are straight, curved to the left or right. The motorman's job is to maintain the proper speed, slowing down on curves and stopping at designated stops.

  11. No turning, all automatic. As long as track conditions and speed don't try to overpower anything, it keeps right on going down the tracks.

  12. So are there speed restrictions in place so it doesn’t go too fast on turns and derail? If so, is the “throttle” automatic as well?

  13. It's so sad and unfortunate that this has to be a consideration/thought.

  14. Doubt there would be enough pressure to push it, let alone pushing it against gravity.

  15. It could be the simple fact you’re in a relationship for the first time. What about labels do you not like? Is it the commitment part of it?

  16. I just don’t like labels in general lol. I don’t have a commitment issue, just don’t like labels bec everyone defines them differently.

  17. Is it possible that the labels are what is causing stress? It also sounds like the problem with labels can be easily solved by talking to your gf. Because the same issue you pointed out can happen just as easily when you don’t have labels.

  18. Well we both agree that we don’t like labels and our definition of bf and gf we both agree on our definitions and are fine with it. I’m not sure what this weird feeling is, but it’s bothering me lol

  19. I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten over my phobia, but I’m in a better place after intense therapy. My phobia has to do with the fear of vomiting (emetephobia).

  20. Others vomiting, seeing vomit, or just vomiting yourself?

  21. “EDIT: I know this is a lot and I sound crazy but I even asked him for all of his social media passwords and he gave them to me. At first he said he didn’t know this off the top of his head and then he eventually sent them like 10 minutes later. This makes me think he deleted stuff or is hiding things”.

  22. Tim Bergling (Avicii). His music has really made an impact on my life and has helped me through some rough times.

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