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  1. I see now that you said it was a 3D game. Could it be Stickman Dungeon: Labyrinth?

  2. There is a company called Poki that makes all kinds of stick man games. The one I've linked to is/was available in the Google Play store and was last updated in 2014.

  3. Naken (2010)? I only mention it because it is Swedish and has the time-loop plot. The last thing you mention in your update is suicide attempts... I know you said it isn't Groundhog Day, but he does commit suicide several different ways during that movie.

  4. My mom likes the Anthony Horowitz mystery books, and my mother-in-law, who is not a big reader, really enjoyed the Thursday Murder Club. I don't think they feature gore, foul language, or overly sexual content. They're more on the humorous than serious side.

  5. It's hard for me to say because she is SO particular. We've tried many that she didn't care for... I've got a no-go list somewhere, but I know the name you mentioned is not one we've tried. Thanks!

  6. Has she tried Agatha Christie? She's my all-time favorite author and does not have any of those things you mentioned. "And then there were none" is my personal favorite, though any Poirot novel is great, too

  7. The character has the same kind of feel. I guess when I said stereotypical professor I moreso meant like stereotypical scientist. He may have even had a lab coat. Although he was not nearly as zany or cool as the sciencey guys in those games lol. Super solvers does seem closer to what I had in mind with the science guy and the mini games, but not quite. The one I played didn't have much in the way of a story, or it wasn't the main focus. There was an intro scene and then I think it just gave you a menu full of games to play.

  8. The old Reader Rabbit games were train heavy... no professor that I remember though.

  9. Another one I see pop up on Google is Treasure Mountain or Treasure MathStorm

  10. Sounds a bit like a game my kids still play in school today called Prodigy Math. The wiki states it came out in 2011 though. Maybe it had some sort of predecessor.

  11. YES! YES! Thank you! So many sleepless nights (only kind of kidding).

  12. Oh my gosh was this the one where he gets it but the way he places it looks like an 8 and someone makes fun of it?

  13. I posted again and someone solved it for me! I wanted to circle back and pop the link in for you. It was from the the TV show Ed. Thank you so much for your help last time!

  14. I feel like the actor could have been John Francis Daley...?

  15. The Machinist? Doesn't fit your description entirely, but it is about an insomoniac and he uses post-it notes and also has weird post-it notes show up in his apartment. Really good movie, even if it isn't the one you are looking for.

  16. This is it! LOL thank you, been humming it for years. How did you find this? Solved!

  17. Glad I could help! I honestly just googled. My search phrase was: lyrics "you smell nice" crush

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