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  1. Jesse was a good hearted criminal hank was a cold hearted cop. Is the moral high ground decided by their status as criminal/cop or by their heart as a person?

  2. I don't think Hank was cold-hearted. I think the writers made a shift in the character in the first and second season, making hank a more "human" human. We see him worry about Marie when she gets caught shoplifting, tending to Walt and his family when they need it, feeling anxiousness and PTSD when he goes through all the traumatizing shit he goes through, feeling depression and anxiousness when he loses hope, trying to do justice by forgetting Walt is his brother in law and actually putting him in a jail cell, etc.

  3. That's the whole point of the character though. We're not supposed to like him, and that just shows how good of an actor he is.

  4. That's the issue. Remember, browning your meat gives it flavor, and this can only be done by cooking it at higher temperatures (it's a complete myth that browning your meat "seals in the juices". It does, however, make the meat more flavorful).

  5. What's actually insane about this is that every September 19th, Mexico has an earthquake drill due to the devastating earthquake that killed over 10,000 people on that very day back in 1985 (8.1 magnitude), which caused over $4 billion dollars worth of damage. This earthquake in 2022 happened on the exact same day.

  6. I think at some point, you have to realize that, if literally everyone you go out with turns out to be some shitshow date, the problem might be you? or

  7. I wouldn't say it was specifically a scene. We do now understand why Saul is Saul. In Breaking Bad, we knew it was a persona, but we didn't know to what extent or why the persona existed. In BCS, we learn it's his hiding spot for trauma, loss, grief, depression, etc. He went full Saul when he lost Kim.

  8. nah, Saul specifically asks Ed the vacuum man where he's going and he answers, "Omaha Nebraska", to which Sauls answers with "What's in Nebraska?" or something along those lines. He didn't know where he was going and didn't have a say on the matter.

  9. Yeah I firmly believe that Marion suspected Jimmy from the get-go and already knows something is off with him. I think she's looking into him trying to find out if he's hiding anything and she might potentially end up causing Gene's downfall and exposing him for who he actually is, which Jimmy would never suspect. He put all of his focus on Jeff this whole time when maybe Marion will be the one he should be looking out for.

  10. There’s no way Saul would send Mike to clean up the crime scene for Jane in Breaking Bad if this were the case.

  11. What if Saul never found out? What if that's what Peter Gould meant when he teased that after BCS, we'll see Breaking Bad in a completely different way. Mike kills Kim and Saul never finds out. I'd probably never be able to look at Mike the same way.

  12. I think you may have misunderstood the scene. His reaction meant that he immediately realised Lalo is upto something else; he knows it's impossible for anyone to really talk Lalo out of anything. That's what I think atleast. But yes, Giancarlo was amazing this episode.

  13. I think it wasn’t that Gus was impressed that Jimmy talked Lalo out of it. He knew there was no way anyone could talk Lalo out of anything, which is why he reacted the way he did. He knew Jimmy didn’t talk him out of it, and it’s when he realizes Lalo’s plan wasn’t to kill Jimmy. It was all a distraction so the laundromat was free of any of Gus’s men.

  14. This is lovely! My partner loves soft scrambled eggs, it’s not my jam, but this just gave me an idea. Love the toast cuts for dipping.

  15. Definitely not for everyone! I think it's mostly because of the texture, some people might feel like they're raw. And credit for the toast goes to Kenji Lopez. He has a great recipe on youtube.

  16. Post got deleted for some reason, but here's what it looked like before hitting the smoke if anyone's interested!

  17. I smoked it at around 250 F for about 2 hours until it hit 130 internal! Then I gave the fat cap a quick sear on the grill and let it rest for about 20 minutes before slicing!

  18. This is what it looked like before going on the smoker if anyone's interested! It was about 2 lbs.

  19. Yeah, that constant repetition until he got to the truth of the matter was straight out of Gene’s acting class

  20. wait... do you want to elaborate cause I'm intrigued

  21. I'll try explaining but I'm sure there's a video out there that would do it much better. The Meisner technique is an acting technique and its basis revolves around repetition. Sanford Meisner believed that repetition develops instinct. He thought that these instincts, which are caused by the other performer, were the only way to capture authentic behavior. He thought that actors must be fully connected to one another in order to accomplish this (something we see in this scene as well).

  22. It was just normal talk, how are you and missing you and come back soon. I played along as I had already begun to plan the ghosting.

  23. you should ghost her starting now, you're only hurting yourself at this point.

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