1. that would be a hard no from me. i'd let them stay for a week as an absolute max.

  2. same! i've been addicted to gaming while i've had to prepare a presentation for tomorrow these whole past 3 weeks

  3. i'm socially awkward so when i talk to people for the first time i tend to act like i've known them for years to make the interaction easier for me. i also have a love for bones, taxidermy and everything morbid :D

  4. peed outside of a club almost next to the waiting line for the entrance while i was black out drunk

  5. This looks unusual and somewhat perplexing dish that appears to consist of a mixture of Jello gelatin and canned fruit cocktail. The dish has a distinctive and somewhat unappetizing appearance, with chunks of fruit floating in a bright red gelatin mixture.

  6. I thought all Americans would know what this is! Love that stuff

  7. i'm not american, i've never seen that in my life lmao

  8. i actually did and it was a pretty good purchase, i do recommend it if it wouldn't be a financial burden for you! it takes a bit of getting used to after switching from my xbox one s controller but i really enjoy using it now :D

  9. literally 90% of the stereotypes about women

  10. learning how to olay any Instrument, listening to all of the songs people have recommended to me that i have written down

  11. "not sure why you asked me but i'm always ready to help"

  12. cheese. no matter if shredded, cut in slices, diced or as a block.. also little bacon cubes😌

  13. Yum, going to go cut up this block of cheddar cheese that I have now lol

  14. you can never go wrong with cheese, you just gotta be in the mood for it xD

  15. cute mugs, hot chocolate kits, tea, cute self made gifts/cards, jewelry, CDs, notebooks, self made cookies, favourite candies, photo album, phone case... i can't think of more xD

  16. my one year old niece wanting to give me a kiss on the cheek for the first time and being really shy with an adorable little smile cuddling into my sister before she did it :')

  17. omg u just reminded me about something that happened like 4 months ago. My brother was just born and a month after my 2 year old cousin visits and see him for the first time. After 2 days he REALLY starts paying attention to my brother and we got a picture of him kissing my brother on the cheek. BEST PIC EVER

  18. it's always so dang wholesome to see them get so excited to show love 😌

  19. oh, there was seafood in there?

  20. we're blessed with the priviledge of not having to eat that bullshit🙌🙌

  21. the funkytown victim for some reason... also the fear of razorblades in the cracks of waterslides and getting my nails caught somewhere and them ripping off whole

  22. Paris, it's dirty and stinks like piss

  23. bell peppers, taste like they don't belong in your mouth, but just buried in a compost pile, they ruin everything for me

  24. buying a Nintendo switch. i've owned it for around 3 years now and i never played on it much. now i can't get rid of it...

  25. i let animal jam generate a random name for me 6 years ago and it has just stuck with me ever since. my username is basically just a nickname for it

  26. I would make a fool of myself for a Radom stranger who was in danger.

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