1. Grow up, will you. Discussing a theory has nothing to do with "racism". It's a pathology to see "racism", "white supremacy" and stuff like that everywhere and it's an American thing. Us Europeans discuss subjects like that, whites and people of colour together, without a meltdown.

  2. Punctuation should be inside quotation marks. I am just letting you know that because you seem committed to writing “properly.”

  3. Yeah, and this comes up over and over again, English is my fifth language, and I basically assume quotation marks work the same as in French or German. Plus in this case I used it as a "high lighter", to show how ridiculous I find all those allegations in TikTok language.

  4. You open yourself up to this kind of criticism when you tell someone else to write properly.

  5. NGL, mods should not allow gov IDs here as a general rule even if most data is public. Some have redacted info other no so much…

  6. They’re also all expired and easily findable on the internet.

  7. I thought it was Beyonce Giselle not Gisselle. Maybe this isn't her real ID? Or maybe they wrote it incorrectly?

  8. Should’ve known when he came out with that Army commercial…

  9. “Simba technology moment” sent me 😂💀

  10. Contacting her union representative is a good idea.

  11. exactly what i thought. my skincare routine at 9 was washing my face with body wash and putting on classic Nivea crème.

  12. Are you already living in this building with your cat? Is the landlord aware?

  13. No the cat is not in the building. The landlord is aware that there is no cat or any other animal in the building.

  14. Landlords generally can deny a non-hypoallergenic ESA if there is another resident whose health would be harmed by the ESA. They should make accommodations for you both where possible, like having you use separate stairways. If that’s not possible, sometimes the resident who was there first takes precedence (this recently happened in an Iowa case).

  15. I’d suggest contacting the police and requesting they do a civil standby while your brother removes the vehicles from her property. I know she doesn’t want the police there, but the other options aren’t reasonable.

  16. For anyone who can’t recognise, that’s Kylie Jenner with her original face in the last photo.

  17. It’s legal to tell someone’s girlfriend that he tried to hook up with you.

  18. You can absolutely get in trouble for possessing a computer with CSAM. If it comes into your possession (which you should try to prevent), contact a lawyer immediately. You’d need to turn it over to the police. This is not worth a few baby pictures.

  19. It’s legal to put up security cameras on your own property, if that’s what you’re asking.

  20. The AMA you did yesterday shows that you did commit these offenses, you call her your “girlfriend,” and you are afraid of being forbidden from seeing her again.

  21. Your girlfriend is a different person from the child you say made you feel love for the first time, makes life livable for you, and are afraid not to be able to talk to again?

  22. Where is the Bigfoot drawing in the background from the previous pic? That really enhanced the image :(

  23. If its the fact you were a teen when this happened....remember and stress you were a teen...and still are a young child.

  24. It hit me last night that Kanye’s been quiet lately. I wondered what he’s been up to.

  25. Why did she want you to move your seat? What was the classroom misconduct? Do you have classmates who can confirm your account?

  26. I arrived and sat in my regular seat. She said for whatever reason I couldn’t sit there and had to sit in front. I don’t like having a lot of people behind me and knew sitting in the front would make it hard for me to focus so I politely said “no this is where I usually sit”. She then kept standing right next to me desk the whole time I was working and harassing me and then started recording me. I asked her to stop and she refused and then called security on me. I said fuck it at that point and just walked myself down to security and had a talk with them. They didn’t see what the issue was but apparently during that time she went to the Dean and filed an incident report and now I have to go to a disciplinary meeting.

  27. Is it possible that she was trying to spread out seating to prevent cheating? What makes you think this was racial profiling?

  28. She can complain to her school district that they’re not following her 504 plan. What made them decide that she’s too ill to continue her math class at the high school? And how does taking the class elsewhere prevent her from getting credits?

  29. It does have the benefit of being locked so people can’t brigade. Unless that’s what’s troubling you lol

  30. I’m starting to see why they’re divorcing. What a piece of shit. I’m sure when he said she was cruel to him he means that she made reasonable requests and complaints that he didn’t like

  31. He has amazing glowy skin and they somehow captured that in the wax figure. Alicia Keys on the other hand…

  32. Beyoncé confused the shit out of me when I saw this video for the first time. When I sang "to the left, to the left" I always pointed to the right

  33. I feel like she was in an impossible situation here lol, if she pointed to our left everyone would make fun of her for pointing to her right. I guess they could’ve filmed her from behind. I put too much thought into this.

  34. If the medication has warnings all over it that you can’t stop cold turkey, you’re responsible for reading that and knowing it yourself. Your psychiatrist should’ve informed you too, but I don’t think she’s liable for your medical bills. Certainly you can complain to her licensing board if you want.

  35. Yeah, that’s suspicious. You should consult an employment attorney.

  36. You’re entitled to reasonable accommodations for your PTSD, but I’m not convinced that training new employees is an unreasonable task for you. Most people would not find that to be highly stressful, and it may be that your company needed you to do so as part of your job.

  37. I’m sorry to hear about all this. Were there specific issues pointed out with your performance? I agree the timing is suspect, as is the fact that they hadn’t mentioned any problems with your performance before. But I don’t know that a termination at this point would be wrongful. At least on its face, there doesn’t appear to be any discrimination. You can consult with an employment attorney, but I’m not sure it would go far as the evidence here is scant. You never know though.

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