1. Are you scared of her? It seems that way a bit

  2. Sry idk what techno is but these are dope electronic songs that harness the arpeggio

  3. Just any piece of song you like and just play the right hand part only.

  4. But it's a bit silly to be honest. Playing different parts with each hand takes some practice but there are also very easy songs that you must be able to learn. As long as they play in the same rhythm. It's really what makes the piano the king of all instruments.

  5. It's extra emphasis, it sounds quite intuitive doesn't it? A mi, no me importa. Me personally, I don't care.

  6. Hoezo is dat legaal eigenlijk? Is in principe gewoon frauderen wat ze daar doen bij het CBR.

  7. Yeah this sub really is an example of the beauty of the internet. I, an amateur with more passion than talent, post a mix and receive detailed feedback from a Grammy nominated artist. Really amazing.

  8. Yeah I was going to say. Zimmerman is top 1 for me.

  9. Rubinstein Nr 1 for me. Not a fan of Lang Lang personally

  10. What other languages do you speak? I have studied quite a few and in every one it's just extremely hard to understand casual spoken language.

  11. Agree. English natives are hard af to understand

  12. Many if not most clubs are wired in mono. I like to set all my tracks to center (even the L/R of stereo tracks) and do most my equing and compression there. I do it on each track instead of just setting my interface to mono as it deals with the law of pan issue. I just readjust the balance after setting things where I want in the stereo field. If you can get all the instruments to sit together well in mono, that separation just gets better when you start panning.

  13. What kind of clubs though? I have read this but is it really true I wonder

  14. I'm a former audio engineer, now working in another field where AI is used heavily.

  15. That's so true. I hear a lot of "AI can never replace the human emotion an artist provides", which is an argument not backed up by any knowledge or expertise but only a gut sentiment. I don't see any reason why an AI wouldn't be able to deliver professional level mixing and mastering, the reason why that isn't the case yet might be just a matter of research and funding, not major technological barriers.

  16. Sound editing and effects are one thing, but I think that AI will find its place in the area of composing, too.

  17. Except that in reality AI can't come up with meaningful melodies. Apparently the theory of melodies is more complex than what an AI can learn from our existing melodies.

  18. I made this very argument with my friends the other night. One guy was saying our best athletes played hockey, basketball. My point was the best players in those sports wouldn't translate to soccer. However, who knows how many soccer talents were lost to mediocrity playing the Big 4 in roles they werent built for.

  19. Bro, you don't think Michael Jordan would have absolutely killed it if he had played football (soccer)?

  20. Reverb is just so satisfying and epic, it's tempting to make things even more epic. If you set up the reverb (send), bypass it and listen to your dry mix, switch it on and the affected tracks should sound nice and spacious but the unaffected ones shouldn't be muffled away. If you want big reverbs, do it at the right moment. Don't make everything more reverberated, take one track and give it huge reverb and then be very subtle with the other reverbs.

  21. They're not. Just from a quick look comparing high end phones with high end laptops, they're somewhere around 3-5 times more expensive.

  22. Except that people that don't need either (like my mom) do pay 1000$ for a high end phone but not 2000$ on a laptop.

  23. My moustache grows super fast. But the rest is kinda patchy. Which leaves me with the only option of being that dad who has a full moustache until the day he dies. Hello everyone, I’m one of those moustache men.

  24. No, I also sometimes pee in the toilet, especially when I'm at someone else's house.

  25. Paar borrels jenever vantevoren doen wonders voor je zenuwen én zorgen dat je minder krampachtig rijdt

  26. Can you share your artist page without disclosing which song it is? Then I can listen more objectively

  27. The ability to hear 3d with just two ears is so insanely impressive and precise, really not less impressive than echolocation imo

  28. Precisely. Some time ago, some idiot on this sub that has a bachelor in music tried so hard to counter argue that 3/4 = 6/8

  29. Deal with it. A 30 year old guy falling in love with a girl just out of high school will raise some eyebrows. For a reason btw.

  30. (Tells me I’m wrong) (Refuses to elaborate) Fair enough.

  31. It's nothing more than turning up the volume when it's quiet and down when it's too loud in principle

  32. I understand, I suppose I was just overthinking it to an extent then.

  33. It's very simple indeed but when and how to use it is a skill that takes years. It's less intuitive as EQ for example.

  34. I dig the black and gold combo a lot, looking fancy

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