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  1. As far as I know, plaid doesn't get id & pw, only routing & acct number and then they only send 2 deposits to that acct; that's all they're allowed to do.

  2. Plaid gets and saves login and password and got sued for lying about that.

  3. I NEVER put a login and pw into plaid, but then again it was very recently and was part of one of my own bank's process. It must have not been plaid then. But yes, NEVER provide anyone or anything with your bank id & pw.

  4. We all know why he's not in prison yet..

  5. From where it's located it's probably the return spring for the auto aperture return. You can check via the depth of field preview or by tripping the shutter on a slower speed and watching it.

  6. Cool. Sometimes I kid around but that was a real question deserving of a real answer. You wouldn't believe the amount and small size of springs in these cameras, especially the earlier F series.

  7. Can’t move something that’s lost forever.

  8. But 24% can't be lost. And if it that's not good news either.

  9. Cramer inverses cramer.... after the inverse cramer meme got to him... what's a bottom?

  10. Nice display there. I can pick out some of the modern (WW1 & later) ones. Is the far right a 40mm ?

  11. If the bottle was open they shoot flame up like a big fountain firework and not much else. I pull .308 AP rounds from surplus ammo and burn the leftover powder in coffee cans.

  12. Why would you pull the AP bullets from .308 / 7.62 NATO? Those complete cartridges are hard to come by.

  13. What kind of Looney Tunes epically dangerous fail was that? 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Glad I looked this up; two scam sites in a row. I think I'll just go back to hitting the local stores...

  15. Just pay with a credit card and file a chargeback if it turns out to be a scam

  16. Don't do it, they will just steal your CC info and you will have a great time sorting it out with your issuing bank.

  17. There are a lot of very stupid, very gullible people out there, and scammers know it...

  18. I think you hit the nail on the head, they think they will get rich, they always plot into something which will maybe give them quick and easy money. My idea is, i'd rather get rich by doing my passion, not by trying to jackpot at a casino. to each their own.

  19. The fact that he is being treated with kid gloves is indicative of widespread corruption.

  20. Yeah. Watch this get swept under the rug. 😈

  21. He should he arrested immediately on setting foot on US soil. 😈

  22. yes i really agree with you on this one and i think so government should also look into this.

  23. Like where he wasted all those customer funds that he illegally diverted to his other company?

  24. Well after its confiscated by the gov't it might help offset the billions they stole done from their customers / depositors, etc.

  25. Complete pile of garbage, that entire family.

  26. If you want to follow the corruption, just follow Elizabeth Warren.

  27. This thread is about done. DM me if you want some info on the nikons. While I chose Canon a long time ago I am familiar with the 70s and early 80s nikons and have several books on them.

  28. Yes I do see what you are saying. I couldn't see the lens speeds until I zoomed the image way up.

  29. And they are that much more pleased with themselves for it. They don't care about you or I. All they want is ever increasing power.

  30. There’s a baby rolli, a regular rolli two Nikon F-2s, a few canons, a 4x5 (it’s inoperable) other sundry film camera. Several digital cameras. An enlarger, trays, canisters. A 250 mm and 125mm (I think), focus screen, all for the Hassie. It’s truly overwhelming. I didn’t realize there was so much. He grew up poor, when he got a little money he bought what he wanted. It’s sad really. I going to push forward trying to use this guy, for him.

  31. Looks like you inherited a haul. I'm a Canon guy but have always been interested in the nikon F and F2, even though I still consider the Canon F-1 to be the best film cameras ever. The Hasselblad is a PITA to use without the manual to figure it out. Good luck with all of them. BTW it's F2, not F-2, nikon didn't use a dash in the name like Canon did.

  32. Biden/Trudeau: "Vote for me and get legal weed plus these nice fat stimulus checks for doing nothing. Don't worry, it won't cause price inflation, we have Nobel Prize winning PhD economists on our payroll who will testify to this."

  33. That pair are a piece of work; feckless, foppish dolts. 😈

  34. Unbelievable that Thousands of greedy idiots put real money into that shit storm.

  35. Poor taste- unless they're Cadillac rings. 😎

  36. Euro writing style. Includes canucks. 😛

  37. This shit is why I won't give a dime to crypto shit coins or shit exchanges. 😈

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