Unpopular opinion: You will probably make more money holding all your crypto through the bear market than trying to time the market and selling before it happens

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Daily Discussion - October 20, 2021 (GMT+0)

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  1. yo siempre que intento correr huyendo de algo en un sueño no puedo, por algún motivo no me funcionan las piernas

  2. He comprado una marrón, en cuanto me aburra de la negra la cambio. Que le ves mal?

  3. My first rep! Nautilus PPF 5711 on black leather strap from Eric. In general the whole process was really smooth and Eric always answered all my questions nicely. QC pictures took longer than I expected (10 days) which I don’t know if it’s normal or not as it is my first time. On the other hand, shipping was so fast!!! Only 10 days to Spain arriving exactly on my birthday.

  4. Stunning! congrats on such beautiful watches, I'd go for the AP and DD to complete the week!

  5. i think it fits well. lovely watch

  6. looks like the retail low quality version, it would be nice to find the player's version which is more or less 140€ retail

  7. Fact : People who have been through worse "red candle" period are busy in accumulating

  8. I think we are actually busy filling tax forms hahaha

  9. We'll see once it comes out, but for now it looks like a scam.

  10. I've been using coinbase since 2017 and I had no real problem in all these years. Their service goes down in short hyper volatility periods but that's it, it happens to all of the other exchanges. However I would highly suggest to buy or sell on Coinbase Pro as the difference in fees is considerably big.

  11. From promoting Ice cream brands in Spain to Crypto Ads in Japan, not gonna lie, I love the improvement...

  12. Imagine when metaverse developers actually build good and entertaining games, something in the scale of GTA for example, where users actually pay money because they want to own a skin or an asset. Not just as speculation but as enjoyment.

  13. Lol @ posts like this coming because btc is down to only in the mid $60ks. Yall gotta zoom out the graph a bit and relax.

  14. Hahaha bro I posted this 19 hours ago, there was no dip. I don’t know when the bear market will happen as nobody does

  15. I have been doing exactly what you are asking for the past 7 months. I have played many many games (LoL, Fortnite, Warzone, R6, etc) and the only two that gave me problems were R6 (Rainbow six siege) which has a shadow and light flickering, but is fully playable, and the beta of the new Battlefield which it just didn’t let me play it having such an old driver. For the rest I didn’t notice anything wrong.

  16. I get paid in BTC and convert it to ETH as soon as it arrives, so basically nothing changed but I'm saving in fees. It has been working great for me up to now.

  17. Eos is dead, where's the lambo?

  18. Next time you tell me this I’ll be in my lambo😎

  19. Everything looks beautiful! I wish you so much luck in your journey🤞🏼💪🏼 it’s not easy to begin but it’s worth the time and effort

  20. Back in the 2017 bull cycle, everyone was so sure BTC would hit 100K by the end of the cycle and it wasn't even close. Try to enjoy the ride as much as possible and don't get obsessed with target prices.

  21. Coinbase fees are quite high, Binance is pretty decent but depends on your preference really

  22. coinbase pro has really low fees, it's worth the try and it's free

  23. The market is a brilliant mechanism for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. Be patient, HODL, and reap the rewards

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