1. It looks like the below breakdown; Parts = $620 Labor = $830

  2. I just have the number for now. Audi keeps calling me for approval, haven’t responded yet

  3. Probably you don’t need the confirmation anymore, but I can confirm that you are right. If you’re blocked, profile picture disappears as soon as you zoom

  4. U should sign up for an account on USCIS u gonna need an online account code

  5. Yes but isn’t the online code in the receipt notice? Which I didn’t receive in the mail

  6. The one thing it will guarantee is that time where you are not living in the same residence, won't count towards the three years of residency path to naturalization through marriage. For the three years before you mail in your N-400 you would have to have three years with your green card and where you cohabitate with your USC spouse. It's not a huge issue though, as it doesn't affect the five-year path to citizenship--so you can apply five years after the day you get your (if applicable conditional) GC (plus three months early) regardless of the marriage status.

  7. Thanks for the response! Have a follow up question if you don't mind

  8. Yes, unfortunately the countdown towards citizenship doesn't start until the GC is issued (I-485 approved, or entry after consular processing), so the "resident since" date on the card. That starts the three- or five-year period.

  9. So I assume same would apply for 10 year green card. Countdown would start from issuance of conditional green card, not from marriage

  10. This is the error I am getting when I try to add them to my account; " You cannot add this case to your account because it has already been linked to a USCIS account"

  11. https://www.uscis.gov/file-online/how-to-create-a-uscis-online-account#:~:text=As%20an%20applicant%2C%20click%20on,your%20case%20status%20and%20history

  12. the thing is I already have an USCIS account and I tried adding with the IOE number but couldn’t. could it be because my lawyer added those to his account?

  13. I am on the same boat. we just filed our paper works. my wife is us citizen and we are using my income to support the case as my wife doesn’t have income/asset. I am in US and have work authorization with my F1-opt visa. just yesterday I asked my lawyer that why didn’t we submit I-864A and the response was : “When you are the intending immigrant in a spousal petition you don’t need the I-864A, to include your income”

  14. To add more context, we are using my income as “household “ income as my wife doesn’t work. So basically I’m supporting my self .Also my income is way above what’s required (between $100K and $200K closer to the upper end)

  15. Do you have a physical Apple Store where you are? Maybe you could call and see if you can schedule a time to go in, give them ur proof of identity and get control of ur accounts back.

  16. I tried that but they say They can not help me with that as everything needs to be done via phone

  17. What is your current immigration status in the US? The reason I'm asking this, is because as per IRS regulations, you can be in the country on a non-immigrant status but still be a resident for tax purposes, and in that situation, filing using the 1040 is accurate. If, on the other hand, you're not a resident for tax purposes (regardless of which visa you entered the country on), you'll need to file using the 1040-NR.

  18. I was on F1 OPT visa, and I’m still on F1 opt visa. So I think I’m still a bon resident for tax purposes. Here is the thing tho, I had filed an amendment 1040-X but IRS still shows 2021 as 1040 instead of 104NR

  19. The payment didn't debit because the Very Old Computer hasn't finished processing your return yet.

  20. The agreement states the 1st payment should go through before May 3rd eod. So I panicked and paid it. Would my payment be debited from my balance? Should I do anything?

  21. Good that you paid yourself. Call your bank and talk to a manager. Or go in and find out what you can do to cancel a possible withdrawal. I recommend you do not wait for their computer systems to “catch up”.

  22. I mean I could pay the full amount right away, but I thought it would be easier to pay with installments. I guess that was my first mistake. Can I just pay the full amount tomorrow or monday, keep the receipt and be done with it? My account with IRS will be credited by the amount I pay and they deal with it after that point I assume?

  23. Have you earnestly looked within to verify that it is not you that, in fact, sucks?

  24. Yes I have. And other point is that I’m not the only person feeling this. 2 of my colleagues left just because of him, and at least 10 of the current direct reports of him hate the department becuse of him. I was the only one who gave him the feedback on his micromanagement. That’s why he is super focused on me

  25. Well I think you're missing my point too. See, I wouldn't feel right giving someone illegal tips on how to make someone else's life miserable if that person wasn't in the wrong to begin with. Is it possible you're not a good employee and the boss has reasons for their actions? Have you considered that? Or does none of that matter and you just want to make him suffer regardless? Because that's what it's starting to sound like to me.

  26. Yes, I have considered it. That’s why I have changed the way I’m communicating and doing things during this 1.5 years. Whatever I do, his view hasn’t been changed. I also talked with 10+ people, at least half of them shared my frustration with him and with the way he is managing the department.

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