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  1. Anyone know any other isekai-esque cultivator stories I can binge while waiting for the next installment? Already caught up with Beware of Chicken (much more wholesome tone but a great read if anyone hasn't read it)

  2. Savage Divinity. (It's not without problems, but the first million or so words are top notch :D )

  3. Yay, thank you (for fueling my addiction)!

  4. Like others have mentioned. Depends heavily on the project.

  5. If there's any sort of karma I hope they arrive on the other side to discover that the true gods are the ones whose temples they defiled in life.

  6. What in the all holy fuck is going on in Ohio... First the Palestine derailment, now this...

  7. Subzero Descent by Liquify is over 12 minutes of awesome atmospheric riffs. Also, I don't think I've ever heard a bad song by Nightwish, and they have multiple that are 6 minutes plus

  8. Hunchbacks are insanely good right now. I’d take almost any of them against a heavy happily.

  9. Hunchback IIC with dual uac20s is a beast that outperforms most of my heavies. Just don't expect to survive every match, it's a glass cannon

  10. Makes sense since canonically they were given to old MechWarriors so they could get a kill and go out in a blaze of glory.

  11. I mean you basically remove all your armor to fit another massive gun on

  12. I've never used the Moto Pure but from what I know of tech and from seeing the specs on this phone, it's a low-end budget device with not the best specs... it does look like performance on this won't be the best outside of the very basic minimal things (phone calls, texting, browsing the internet and the occasional light social media usage here and there)

  13. I know I'm 6 months late but mine lags so bad I can't answer calls (freezes loading answer call screen), keyboard freezes when texting, and internet is worse.

  14. Except rock climbers and mountaineers and arborists and....

  15. Idk when I think about blinking I can't stop blinking like twice a second. It's the same concept as thinking about breathing, or that you can't ever relax your tongue in your mouth

  16. Seems a little more than insignificant, for sure:

  17. its a chunk of probably shoulder meat that was chucked into a dish and subsequently into an oven for ~1.5 hours after a slight sear with some slivers of onion and a sprinkle of pepper that seems to have evaporated. It wasnt served with anything, but she did eat a bag of chips with ir

  18. Good lord, people seriously need to buy a second hand crock pot... Low and slow is the way for that kinda thing. Same amount of prep, less annoying dishes, and it actually will taste like something beyond the yellowish dried skin off of the foot of a 70 year old overworked rickshaw driver.

  19. Hell to the fuck no. Pay your damn employees. If I get good/great service I'll tip 15%+ to thank the server. Not to pay their damn wages at a place that already makes a 2-300% return on liquor and shit.

  20. Lol I probably spent 7 hours doing that this week

  21. Freeze 2, shove the other one in the crock pot.

  22. Is this series on a hiatus or permanently dead?

  23. Long term hiatus. I ended up getting full time job and don’t have a lot of time to write. Thank you for reading.

  24. Ah, that's understandable. Just binged the story today, love the world building and characters.

  25. Is it wrong that I kinda want to try it?

  26. My housemates and I made it a few months ago. It's not that shit as long as you get the ratio right. The Beverage of the Gods, on the other hand, is horrendous.

  27. I know right? Actually quite a decent poem if you ignore the idiotic subject matter.

  28. Sleeping spots are sacred lol... While I'm not saying mine for fear I find someone napping there, I would recommend taking a couple hours and wandering around the upper floors of campus buildings. There are lots of little isolated nooks with a couple armchairs to be found. Study at a few of them over the next couple weeks, and you'll find which ones have basically no foot traffic close by.

  29. If I want to make a specific dish, I read 5 or 6 recipes to get the feel for it, and then cook it using the combination of ingredients I have on hand. I'll keep the recipe that is closest to how I'm going to do it up on my phone so I don't get lost, but often never look at it again.

  30. Same honestly. Though I don't think this is a sin, more like cooking improv. I've only ever made something truly inedible twice

  31. Do I get free coffee if I join the coffee sorcerers? In all honesty I'm torn between banana and sushi but...

  32. The thing that really gets me is that people who were born before Jesus are considered to be automatically sent to hell simply because they lived too early to be Christian. So God intentionally made millions of people too early to know about him, and then just decides to punish them eternally for the crime of not knowing about him. Which he is entirely responsible for, and since he's allegedly omnipotent he would have known that outcome would happen from the start.

  33. Never wear gloves or long sleeves or long hair with spinning tools. They'll catch and wrap you around your tool, and the next time this you get careless for a fraction of a second you'll be missing fingers if not worse. Look up some NSFL videos of people getting sucked into lathes for a quick and brutal demonstration of why this is a truly shite idea.

  34. The Geneva Conventions established *international* standards for humanitarian treatment in war. Do they really apply in intra-galactic conflicts? :-P

  35. International standards, to be applied to humans.

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