1. If you like Lustau then you’d probably love the PX Edition Redbreast. The Lustau is very similar, although the PX is much sweeter, almost syrupy.

  2. I really want to try the rest of their line. PX and Kentucky oaks are not available in my state though

  3. Drop the Microtech back in the same area of the couch. You might be on to something.

  4. How old is your Triage? It reminds me a lot of mine, which has N680 as the blade steel.

  5. Tanto’s are great. I like to use point on the edge to cut tape on boxes so i don’t slice anything inside

  6. So I LOVED 1910, I thought the 93 proof was perfect, but afraid that the 115 proof on this might be too “hot” for me to really enjoy the flavor?

  7. Now that I’ve tried it i can say it drinks way below the 115 proof IMO. There’s a lot of flavor but the heat is pretty mellow and there’s very little ethanol. Notes of bitter chocolate, banana and spices

  8. Always smile when I see someone else enjoying this gem

  9. Mammy’s Kitchen in Bardstown. Its fantastic!

  10. Never had Micil’s whiskey but i do have a bottle of their poitin and it is quite nice

  11. The only international park i have been to is The Burren National Park in Ireland. It was quite nice and i really got a sense of why the landscape inspired Tolkien’s Middle Earth. It also had gorgeous cliffs overlooking the Atlantic

  12. Went to Shenandoah on a whim this past September with a friend of mine. Sitting on some rocks and overlooking the valley was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen. Going to do some west coast parks this year!

  13. The most i have paid this far was about $130 for a bottle while i was in Ireland this year. Though i really want to get my hands on RB27 as my celebratory bottle so i guess the $600 for that is the most

  14. I’ve done a few but my favorite tours were Maker’s Mark and Limestone Branch. Maker’s is a pretty big scale but still has the vibe of an old, traditional distillery. Limestone branch is very small but modern, they really shine in their tasting though. During the tour they let us try the distillers’ beer, the white dog, taste straight from a barrel, and then taste a wide variety of final products.

  15. I’d really like to try Weller antique 107 but we just don’t get it in our stores in PA

  16. Suprised on this one. I think the BRT-01 blows all of em outta the water so far. Highly impressed

  17. I was also surprised. I would like to try either BRT but it’s basically sold out across my state

  18. That private selection is going to fantastic.

  19. Went to Ireland and Northern Ireland in august and yeah i had the same experience. I made sure to have a visa with no ftf’s with me though

  20. For a small blade that’s kinda funky, i really enjoy my MKM Insonzo. If you get the hawkbill blade it has a decent flipping action on it. Bhq has an exclusive with micarta and m390 and it’s not terribly expensive

  21. tried this at the JD distillery when i went in march and it was by far the best expression of JD i've had. never seen a bottle in the wild though and will certainly buy when the opportunity presents itself

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