1. Absolutely love that knife man, looks fucking sweet. What's the strap you're using on the timex?

  2. That’s a cool pattern. Reminds me of a spirograph. Is the top surface anodized or is it the lighting?

  3. Thank you! Only the pattern and logo are anodized. The flats are polished titanium.

  4. Nope, it is a 31. Some of the 31’s with the graphic also have a “cabochon.” The one on mine is Mother of pearl

  5. Vox always designs the coolest small knives, been considering one of these with sheepsfoot blade.

  6. The more i collect, the more i understand how great small knives are. I really wanted the hawkbill because of how different it is. Love a good sheepsfoot though

  7. Iv been thinking the same thing, with that exact knife. How do you like it?

  8. I’m really liking it. Reminds me of the dragonfly in hand but with a hawkbill and a flipper tab. Got it for $70 at Bladehq. Really liked the price considering it’s micarta, m390, titanium and Italian made

  9. In my opinion black barrel is very smooth and sweet, more than black barrel is chocolate and banana milkshake

  10. I had it there and it was my least favorite. I just have more of a sweet tooth for my Irish i guess

  11. Here black barrel is accesible and common -26€ - per bottle, but crested can rise up to 56€ , does it worth it ?

  12. Paid €40 for mine. I don’t think it would be bad to try because i saw many people at the the tour prefer Crested

  13. Earlier this year i used 210k to book premium selection with delta to Ireland and 4 nights at the conrad in dublin. Took some research but i Think i got a solid redemption

  14. Just found it on my Green Card, just wish it s was on my Plat since I’m trying to get the SUB right now

  15. My one econ professor would tell our class he drinks teacher’s when he grades our exams. Dude was great

  16. So now you own almost the equivalent of ONE of my St Gaudens double eagles.

  17. Good game bro. An advice. Don’t sell it until 2030

  18. Did you find it at the distillery?

  19. I grabbed the FAE-01 and 02 at the distillery when I went. Tried them both at the food place first and enjoyed them. Sort of wish I had grabbed the traveller's 101 too, but I had spent enough on that trip already. I remember slightly preferring the FAE-01 but I need to try both again.

  20. Honestly i just grabbed the 02 because i didn’t want to spend the extra $20 on their distillery exclusive bottles. Haven’t tried 01 but i did taste the 02 and really liked it

  21. Nice. Mind sharing where you found those? I'm going to be in Nashville this upcoming weekend and plan to do a little whiskey hunting while there. Thanks

  22. Tennessee tasters are from the jack distillery store and the Dickel is from the airport in Nashville

  23. I had a similar thing happen with an AAPL LEAPS a few months ago. I closed both, but just before the expiration of the short. That way my loss of extrensic value on the LEAPS was minimal whereas the gain of extrensic value via theta on the short was close to max

  24. Didnt he have until aug 22 when they technically expire?

  25. Likely wanted to lock in on a lower tax rate before the end of last year just in case taxes are raised this year

  26. What's the quality of the black coated hardware? That's been holding me back on this one. Is it PVD? DLC? Nitride? Anybody know?

  27. I also own a Pacific salt and the black hardware holds up pretty well. All my screws are still pretty black but the back lock and pocket clip show some use. I like the worn look though. Plus they’re my beaters so i don’t mind

  28. Assuming it's just basic stainless under and they're trying to give it more corrosion resistance? I don't mind the wear if it's only there to provide additional saltwater protection.

  29. I believe all the hardware is stainless, other than the clip which is titanium. My Pacific Salt has no rust on it and I’ve taken it into the Pacific ocean and i work in a restaurant where i always get salt in my pockets and on my knife. I would assume it adds corrosion resistance but i don’t know how much it actually needs it

  30. While i hold overweight positions, i only do it with stocks i don’t mind holding long term. I don’t like GME’s or AMC’s aging business models

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