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  1. I had that. You have a virus. I did a norton scan, and it came up clean, but then, when i completed wiped and rebooted windows on my pc, it ran much better

  2. Thanks finally got it to reset everything is wiped, I hope, it was probably the most hardest thing to do since I was missing the reagentc files and tried to restore that first but I guess it wasn't even needed since I just did a different way. Now I need to set up, I'll tell you how that goes once it's all done!

  3. Comparing my old benchmark to this one -(

  4. It's so sad seeing the dog in the background

  5. It's a goat or something similar to that

  6. Bunch of dog shit generic 3D VN games 😒

  7. I see a lot of people wanting the Assassins Creed event, I missed that event and I just want to know what'd so special about it, I just see it as a new execution and probably illustrious outfit, is there more?

  8. That would be sick to have a faction based on that

  9. Surprised the Dreidel song isn't up there

  10. It actually fixed wtf lmao thanks

  11. just updated mine and it didnt work :-( I have pretty much identical specs to you too (I have i9-10850k instead)

  12. Nice! It's weird how it just goes all choppy because it's not updated, glad to hear to got it worked out

  13. Almost all of these seem like shitty 3d visual novels

  14. What's the original image's origin for the fourth picture

  15. Now he’s got a 1 star pelt

  16. That’s crazy I got 0.1%, and I’ve only been listening to him here and there.

  17. I remember seeing a whole different one then what

  18. Those Mega lightning chests are long gone now.

  19. I actually got a mega lightning chest about an hour ago, so there’s some hope

  20. Posterize time plugin in After Effects, drop the frame rate way down. Cut the crap out of it.

  21. Skipped it, it was meh. Not really worth it

  22. Can we get the QR code’s ?

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