1. It isa tv show in the philippines. Try googling “tawag ng tanghalan meme”

  2. What are your thoughts on people stealing your guides for their depressing youtube content?

  3. Galing naman mag drawing ng mga students ng TITE. Ang galing kuhang kuha. May kupal kupal pa.

  4. We can say whatever we want, we are not westoid americans. Do not comply on their rules.

  5. Loren should be labeled as “putanginang balimbing hayop kang kikingina ka putangina mo”

  6. may indian mango nga tayo eh, na wala naman talaga sa india.....

  7. Man, go fuck yourself. This shit's cute as hell. You sound like you'd miss the birth of your firstborn child because you're too busy gaming.

  8. Duterta, kitty, zara, baste, jabbina the hutt, sandra m., imeldifica hahaha mamili ka nalang

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