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He do be dancing though

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  1. You made it weird with this comment. Nobody accused you of anything but you jump to bringing up black queens you support to defend yourself. Interesting

  2. Thank you for summing it up nicely! I couldn’t put my finger on it from day 1 it just felt ~not it~

  3. Despite the sad energy I actually think she looks nicer than I would expect in a candid photo 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Mexico is basically a combination of both. Except for gasolina and banqueta (acera).

  5. Esté contando/diciendo es válido también

  6. Una verdad no se cuenta, se dice. Uno puede contar una historia, un cuento, una anécdota.

  7. The correct translation is ‘Talvez el político no está diciendo la verdad’

  8. I’ll be seeing that face in my nightmares tonight.

  9. Guess she’s not a big coke fan with those tiny nostrils

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