Trump Support Remains Unmoved by Investigations, Poll Finds

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  1. I have a 256gb phone but i use 2TB iCloud to keep all the HQ images in the cloud. It’s all very seamless and I can access them whenever I want without filling up my iPhone memory

  2. i use the “Optimise iPhone Storage” option on iCloud.

  3. Just checked in Instagram and TikTok. No problems! Just got my 14PM today

  4. I never used 3D Touch. I just naturally always used long press because that's what I was used to in IOS.

  5. Just curious- why 13PM to 14PM? Do you think it’s worth the upgrade? I want 48mp and dynamic island but I can’t justify the cost and my 13PM is holding up great battery-wise.

  6. I started a social media business and I sadly need all the latest bells and whistles with the cameras.

  7. Why would anyone downvote this lol? Apple fanboys are a mess.

  8. He needs to be locked up. And his fans squashed up and silenced. There is no other way or we will have the Third Reich in America.

  9. Šokirao sam se kad moji prijatelji u Austriji nisu imali nož za kakicu. Nakon što sam obavio nuždu otišao sam u dnevni boravak pitati gdje je nož za kakicu i oni su me samo blijedo gledali.

  10. I'm pretty sure Apple will add these functions eventually. Hopefully they will not make us upgrade to iPhone 15 Pro Ultra in order to do so, tho 😅

  11. I will forever hate how they gave us zero motive for Noel hating the girls.

  12. neko spolno neutralno ime koje ne Internacionalno npr Hrvoje

  13. sto je tocno content creator? definiraj "content". nakon sto probas, probaj se ne osjecati glupo. izbrisi ta sranja od aplikacija. nadji odnose koji nisu parasocijalni. zivi zivot.

  14. doslovno sve što gledaš na YouTubeu, Instagramu, Tiktoku...

  15. Nemam Instagram niti Tiktok. Za YT koristim Unhook chrome ekstenziju i 90% tih dopamin fix sadrzaja mi je ugaseno.

  16. Koja je razlika između toga i bilo kojeg studija marketinga? Ako tako to gledaš, sve što se na ovom svijetu proizvodi je mužnja para.

  17. I personally think the Purple is the ugliest color they released in a Pro line. Wish they stuck with green!

  18. Jealousy. And lack of experience with Apple products. People who go Apple stay with Apple for a reason. 🍏

  19. thank God, can't believe it took so long to implemebt

  20. iphone 13 Pro Max, a iPhone 14 Pro Max već prednaručio i stiže u četvrtak

  21. Super su ajfoni, ja sam se preobratio ove godine, a prije bio ogroman mrzitelj Applea. :)

  22. svi frendovi koje sam "preobratio" isto kažu :))

  23. PLL benefits from a lot of episodes because there are so many characters, their families, boyfriends, suspects. I hope we get 15+ in Season 2.

  24. Omg it's being made by the shittier studio of the two, fuck. Finally getting the most anticipated period and you throw the B team on it? Wtf

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