1. Lol, the only reason they've never outright confirmed it is because they legally can't since CCP...

  2. Girls who kiss girls can also be kissing boys. It's called being bisexual. It's LGBTQ, not LG.

  3. The possibility was there since she was interested in him, but he couldn't move on from Kallen.

  4. wait, where i need to know where the part she expresses interest in him. some big honkai twitter account said she is confirmed lesbian, i need to prove them wrong, pls.

  5. except when i spot them most of the time my team ignores them, and wastes my time, and expects me to deal with them myself. 😭

  6. I haven't been playing for a very long time, just one and a half years or so, and I don't have the crazy amount of free XP, coal or credits sitting on my port a lot of you might have, but I did still proceeded to dump as many as I could get to get her. No regrets.

  7. Eh. With Jinan and the buff to Pan Asian DDs, you can make your own torpedo soup with tech-tree ships.

  8. Tbf, Jinan is the closed thing to KTKM now. 10 torps, turn, 10 torps, turn, use Torpedo Reload Booster, 10 torps, turn and another 10 torps for a total of 40. Plus the recent Kunmig can launch 30. A division of these plus KTKM would create such large torpedo soup that it wouldn’t even be funny imo.

  9. Plays broken ship. Lands a hit. Posts a chat screenshot.

  10. The screenshot: little fun exchange between two enemies, with no cursing.

  11. Your title is first time I have this much fun in a ranked game.

  12. Maybe the wording a bit off and "wholesome" fits better, but you really are out here trynna be a dick. Who hurt you? 🤔

  13. You’re still gonna get “warm greetings” from players

  14. The mechanics are easy, but coming across players who don't act like bots can make it quite challenging, tbh.

  15. subs should be limited down to one per team like cvs, with rare double sub matches at lower tiers, yup.

  16. According to the operator information, Executor, At least how many people have been chased?

  17. Yup, Elon bought Twitter and fired 75% off all engineers.

  18. After a losing streak in ranked because people threw the game, I enjoy playing broken CVs such as Malta or Sekiryu. It truly helps with my mood.

  19. Omg, SOMEHOW i knew that something like this would happen, considering the comments.

  20. Interesting. " any other bigotry people creating to just not accept the fact that girls can be not interested in guys. "

  21. You're talking about non-canon storywise event and valks outside main story (in events) are kinda different from their counterparts in the main story, for example they are giving pretty much attention to you - "kanchou" aka captain, to a guy who is non-existent in the main story and all of this is made completely and only for fanservice. In GGZ and HI3 there weren't any hints that Bronya likes men. Not even slightly. So, why bi? Kosma and Bronya in the main story don't even meet each other. And only the main story matters, not some goofy non-canon events made for fun and fanservice. And Griseo shipping Kosma x Bronya could be just a joke/tease. If you're a straight man and someone ships you with your best friend - do you starting to be interested in him romantically because of this?

  22. i am sorry, but i won't be continuing this conversation. the assumption i'm a guy that thinks my dick can change someone's sexuality simply because i am reminding you that bi/pan women exist is insulting enough.

  23. Which is better? Stats wise . Kearsarge or dealware?

  24. I've never played Kearsarge, nor have I ever looked at its stats. I will say Delaware's dive bombers can chunk a good amount of its health with every strike, I've never had a Kearsarge chunk me in Delaware, it can do damage, yes, but no one ever did like a 10k+ hit.

  25. Well then that kearsarge must suck since when i line up my planes with kearsarge i sometimes do 15k to cruisers abd BB's

  26. Oh, yeah! it's absolutely possible I'm just talking through my experience when on Delaware and me coming across other Kearsarges. and if anything, this new line really helped me appreciate dive bombers and hybrids.

  27. It actually has best in tier secondary dpm and accuracy so if you've got an extra captain for a meme build it's pretty funny.

  28. do you mind sharing a secondary build for it? because i applied my british BC one.

  29. Tillman IV battleship as a successor in the Vermont line. Georgios Averof as a tier 5 premium. aircraft carrier Essex as a tier 10 coal ship or RB. Taihou & Akagi tier 10 and 8 respectively in an alternate tech tree line (premium Akagi is also OK). Kitakami as a tier 10 coal or RB ship.

  30. No, too squishy, too low dpm, not great angles.

  31. well, despite that i still managed to win plenty.

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