Baby sloth reunites with his mother

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  1. Omg y'all need the version w sound the baby makes the best lil squeak!!!!

  2. Because its scientifically proven to release the chemicals in your brain that make you not depressed and not want to die

  3. And while you’re at it, get into edging and sounding if you’re really getting into it

  4. I think it's a version of the 'freeze' response of fight flight freeze

  5. Prescribed burns, cutting down trees they didn't want growing (non useful nuts/fruits), planting more of what they did want.

  6. And the Native people's of the Americas designed and maintained elaborate irrigation systems

  7. My grandmother used to make them sweet and sour with honey and vinegar. My grandfather called them “opera beans.”

  8. Wow I gotta try that! I made a sweet and sour pinto bean with green salsa and cashew butter

  9. Why did they also downvote you for asking why you were downvoted?? 🤣 Smh. I advocate for people to explain WHY they downvote something so that there can be a potential learning experience for the poster or for people scrolling by. If we don't know why then there's no potential for growth or further discussion. Anyhow... I for one fully support your fig endeavors haha

  10. Where are you? Are you in the EU, Brittany, Asia, or the US?

  11. Thank you! I foolishly forgot to include basic information. I am in the USA just looking to feed one northern jumper

  12. So heres the thing- in my research I learned that when they hibernate outside they first build a nest with nature and also they spin a particular kind of web around themselves. When they felt the cold at the window they flipped on their back n curled up. If he lived out doors he would have gotten cold gradually and known to build his hibernation home. I feel doubtful that he could simultaneously go into this below freezing weather and be able to function to build his hibernation house

  13. Some spiders do a sort of equivalent of hibernation during the winter, but sure, you could take him in.

  14. Thank you. I feel intimidated about trying to provide adequate enclosure but I don't think I can let him outside because they make hibernation nests and he didn't do so and may not be able to at this level of cold

  15. Some dogs are literally made to be outdoors

  16. Very true. I wonder tho about domestication and their training fucking up some instincts to do the proper actions of finding/making shelter for some pets. Like my cat once fucked up his paws waiting at a back door. If he was a barn cat he would never have stood in the snow that long, he would have been off somewhere in adequate shelter. But cuz he's a pet he wanted the food etc he was trained to rely on. I guess I could see the same happening with a pet dog waiting by a door to be let in

  17. Antifreeze is what you are thinking of. It contains ethylene glycol, which has a very sweet taste but causes kidney failure. It is typically colored green or pink and while it is sometimes used as an extermination method, other tactics are often preferred.

  18. Thats great news. For my rabbit friend and also because I know buckthorn to be medicinal for humans and I would love to find it to be able to identify it, perhaps sustainably harvest some. Thank you for the response!

  19. Sweetgrass is another example. Also you can eat many types of grasses aka all the types of rice

  20. Foe a tooth infection at most you'll get hydro's and told to see a dentist. I know tooth aches are horrendous, there's this stuff at Walgreens called "Toothache " it's a small as little bottle, its by far the best for helping with pain. So that plus your pain killers should help until you can get the problem fixed.

  21. Are u referring to hydrocodone? That was be a pleasant surprise to be given some. Yes, toothaches are pure torture! Abscess infections are the worst. I can't picture the product your referring to but In years past I have gotten a variety from Walgreens/cvs, from cheapest to most pricey.

  22. The stuff I'm talking about, it's some kinda herb or plant derived stuff. It kinda burns at first then it numbs. And it's not like they gave me the big vicodine (hydros) or a lot. Almost it was the smallest size and maybe 4 to 6 plus antibiotics.

  23. Don't shame them about the clothes they have that you don think are good enough, not even in a joking manner. Style is subjective and if they like something n feel comfy in it and u critisize it, they may doubt their self and get insecure and that's totally uncessary. And can make ppl defensive and be counterproductive to what your tryna do.

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