Don't put metal in a microwave. Don't mix bleach and ammonia. What are some other examples of life-saving tips that a potentially uninformed person wouldn't be aware of?

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  1. Yo I've heard that Shriners fund adults with illnesses to make their dreams come true !

  2. Maybe something that they would have in their natural environment if they lived in the wild. Like certain plants or food sources cuz it's in their DNA to recognize n love it. I spose those two examples may be risky for their health potentially cuz they have live organisms involved. So maybe just a replica of the exact plants from their environment. Or rocks. The only other thing I can think of is a mate. But that may be risky too if they battle instead of bond, idk if that's a possibility w those or not

  3. It's really common for us to do things on social media that we regret. I wanna share the fact that you can deactivate your Facebook which just means it's invisible to others rather than deleting everything forever. It's really helped me to disappear off social media when I'm depressed and don't want to be perscieved

  4. Op I hope u are doing well. Just stopping by to express how it feels it's been forever since we had any new Old Man Jack content and I encourage ( not pressure or boss) u for any new appearances from OMJ. I worship that ol feller!

  5. Awww man! It's been an honor knowing him via your stories. Thank u so much for sharing him w us! Truly a sense of wonder and joy amidst a challenging time in my life. Big salute to you for taking care of Old Man Jack ♥️

  6. Another post says, call them and try to reschedule. But the risk is that this will happen again.

  7. If you have no one you can get an ARMHs worker in your county. They come to your house ( or any public place) and assist anyone (who has any mental diagnosis) struggling with basic functionality and help support them to gain independence!

  8. Honestly over time you’ll get used to it and probably understand his speech the best since you’re living together. Plus the more you see it, the less your eye will go to it. It’s just new so your Brain is focusing on it hard.

  9. I agree. Based on experience with working with folks with speech impediment and toddlers with their own special accents your Brian gradually is able to process and understand more and more as times goes on

  10. If you see a dog attack, poke their butt hole and they’ll release / pause the attack

  11. I've heard that spraying them w anything in the eyes will cause them to release the bite

  12. Newborn babies apparently shouldn't be fed straight water. We're all water bags of skin that hold a soup with carefully maintained ratios of certain chemicals - and in this case electrolytes.

  13. I heard that tossing them up and catching them can also cause brain damage

  14. I've spent 2 years with Walmart deliveries. I started trying when I was in a traffic accident and wouldn't be able to ride my bicycle and trailer to the store anymore. I swear it's a racket: I order food weekly, I don't need much. Even without my bike trailer I tend to only need enough groceries to fit one. It's smaller than a shopping cart.

  15. I've been ordering almost every week for six months or so and Ive only had one time where the order was late and when I called the helpline they gave me a ten dollar gift card so I guess I've been lucky.

  16. My local Walmart doesn’t even accept SNAP for pickup but I’m glad this is an option for others

  17. Daaang I'm sorry to hear that! If Amazon delivers in your area I know they have food stamp eligible items and delivery is free if it's over 35

  18. I have bp1 and tried to get disability, but was denied. I hired a disability attorney too. I was told I didn't qualify because I haven't been employed in the last 5 years. All the years I was employed before that did not matter.

  19. Terribly sorry to hear that you got denied. And that you have had to journey those dark sides of bipolar... Psychosis can be an absolute nightmare! I lived in a group home with several folks on disability who had never ever worked in their lives so please know that it's still possible! And keep in mind that you get back pay dating all the way back to when you first applied

  20. I really don’t know. I’ve never applied for disability. I just have looked into it a bit. I started to apply a long time ago but I was too depressed to deal. It seemed very complicated at the time.

  21. Thank you I sure appreciate it! Sorry to hear that depression stopped you in your quest to get on it in the past. My depression is mighty debilitating and has done the same and similar.

  22. Fact. And the tag dates to the '80s. Saint Paul. I knew him.

  23. I like to keep my reddit anonymous but ~~ he is my family and I'm grieving him fiercely. If you have any positive memory to share I'd totally welcome it but zero pressure to do so

  24. I asked him the meaning and he told me I had to write it a thousand times to earn the reveal !

  25. Dang that is the most action packed shot of a murder mitten I've ever seen lol. Props!

  26. Hijacking first comment to ask- is there is a GoFundMe set up for this man yet?

  27. Ayo can u please NSFW this to be hidden possibly? I had a terrible accident w a cat and this brought back so much pain to see and I hate for others to experience that too. Much love to this lil one

  28. I have heard that calendula has successfully done this. Best of luck!

  29. If you are in the usa you gotta get on EBT food stamps ! You can do everything long distance via phone and online these days. Also in the usa stores throw away tons of edible food everyday and it's absolutely worth seeing what you can find in the dumpster. You mentioned that you spent your last dollars on cat food and I commend you for that. Cats are such blessings and I'm glad to hear that you have a companion. Knowing that they are fed can feed your heart and mind in a way that brings contentment. I wish you the best of luck!

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