1. 23 Oscar categories vs 184 Primetime Emmy categories.

  2. I'm not sure if This is Going to Hurt is a limited series, but if it is then Ben Whishaw is 100% getting nominated.

  3. Yup even beat true detective and McConaughey which I personally Disagreed with but it wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary for BCS to win some of the stuff next year

  4. True Detective would've cleaned the emmys and won 10+ awards instead of its 5 had it been submitted as a limited series (which it is).

  5. Hunter's case was sweet because she won one of the 2 and lost the other to her co-star (Anna Paquin) which is still a win in her eyes.

  6. I really don’t think the Oscars will care though. That sound correlation matters

  7. In the 21st century only 7 films won film editing without winning a sound award, and only 1 did in the past 10 years.

  8. I think Hold My Hand has it in the bag. Biggest and best song of the year w very little serious competition

  9. Lift Me Up from Black Panther is its biggest competition & in my eyes the frontrunner so far.

  10. I know people love to exaggerate, but I genuinely would love it if it's DONE RIGHT. Keyword: If it's done right.

  11. I think his screen time, role and importance in the narrative, etc. scan as co-lead not supporting. Obviously Yeoh has more of both and it's her story more than his, but he's in an hour or 42% of the movie, guides her along, has goals and an arc of his own, also plays a number of characters in the multiverse nearly always as someone of equal or nearly equal importance to Yeoh, has several scenes without her, etc. He's in more of his movie than, just for a few examples that are pretty uncontroversially considered leads, Sean Penn in Mystic River, Gary Cooper in High Noon, Jeremy Irons in Reversal of Fortune, Gene Hackman in The French Connection, and Kevin Spacey in American Beauty.

  12. EEAAO definitely has a sole lead: Michelle Yeoh. Both Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis & Stephanie Hsu are all supporting characters.

  13. I find it hilarious that people are fighting over something that hasn't happened yet. All this fuss when neither could be nominated or both could get in, you never know.

  14. Winning Best Picture without a Screenplay nom. Only 3 have done it in the last 75 years: Titanic (1997), The Sound of Music (1965), Hamlet (1948)

  15. Winning Best Picture without a Screenplay nom is actually insane, but they were all most likely 6th on the list.

  16. Hamlet missing cinematography and supporting actor (Felix Aylmer) is really weird, given that they're two of the highlight of the film.

  17. BTW I just remembered. Grand Hotel won Best Picture, and that was its only nomination....

  18. SKAM SKAM SKAMMMMM. Watch the whole thing it's one of the best TV shows of all-time and S3 is quite easily the best queer story in television. S4 is also the best Muslim representation I've ever seen in Western media.

  19. Why's Hartmann's nasty ass they?? Also where's my good sir Rosso?

  20. When Russell Crowe won for The Loudest Voice in 2020, Jennifer Aniston read his speech off the teleprompter.

  21. I genuinely don't think the Golden Globes would award anyone who explicitly boycotted them. The HFPA or whatev tf they're called wouldn't allow the people attending to not win while the actors who boycotted and didn't attend win with no one showing up on stage.

  22. One Pinocchio is competing for a Best Picture nomination & is likely the Best Animated Feature Film winner while the other Pinocchio.... is looking at a Razzie nomination.

  23. I just looked it up and not only is he the only person to be nominated for all 4 for the same film, but he did it TWICE.

  24. The real backlash should be against the amateur casting of Rose Walker and whoever directed episodes 7-10.

  25. Jed & Rose's actors were really bad I have to say. It stuck out like a sore thumb & I was constantly taken out everytime they appeared onscreen.

  26. And the sad part? I still liked both of their performances better than Lyta's actress.

  27. Her performance was very stagnant & lackluster with not really much acting going on if I'm being honest, she wasn't really showing over the top acting like Jed's actor was doing or Rose when she was arguing with Dream so I didn't really notice her acting as much and therefore it didn't bother me as much as when Jed was onscreen.

  28. This is just completely untrue, the reasons why people seem to be going onto TV over film has nothing to do with quality.

  29. 3 years late but I wanted to bring up True Detective S1 as the perfect example of how good television is at its peak.

  30. I can count with one hand how many non-English performances have won an acting Oscar.

  31. Jodie Comer gave 2 great performances last year, the other one being Help. And she followed those up in theatre with Prima Facie. She is one of the best actresses working today that is being overlooked.

  32. A big reason is because, for the most part, they tell a complete story in a compact package. Whenever you watch a new film you encounter new stories and characters. Another is that film is more strongly visual than television, since the central creative voice in film often tends to be the director whereas in television that's the writer. Although there are plenty of great TV shows (e.g. classic Simpsons), I feel that film generally tends to reach higher artistic plateaus (Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, The Searchers, etc.). Another is that there's an infinite number of stories that can be told with film, whereas when you're using the same characters and setting over and over you'll eventually run out of story ideas. Another advantage is that since a film by its nature will have decisive ending, you can't extend or prolong a story ad infinitum.

  33. I strongly recommend you to dive deep into the world of limited series.

  34. I think anyone who knows both him & Anna would immediately recognize him.

  35. S1 was a fantastic introduction with so many great moments. I personally enjoyed S2 a bit more because of the character development and how much they delved deep into the 2 leads aswell as how they handled August's character.

  36. I think this might be the first time since Love Island UK S2 that the top 2 couples were the last couples standing. I genuinely don't think this has ever happened in LI history apart from UK S2.

  37. and then we somehow have this years final 4 all still together. it’s a good thing i’m not a betting woman because i wouldn’t have expected any of them to make it this long except maybe tasha & andrew ☠️

  38. I genuinely thought all 4 of them would be over a month after leaving the villa. It's been damn near 4 months and all 4 are still together. Even Adam & Paige made it longer than some finalists/winners from previous seasons.

  39. They definitely broke up. There's no other explanation as to why he'd delete all her pics.

  40. Probably, but that's why I'd like to see studies on it. Laws for child actors are great, but there are still definitely issues which are hard to address (not all of them stemming from set). Regardless, an Oscar nomination is another level of adulthood entirely. While obviously plenty of child actor nominees have been fine (ala Jodie Foster), I don't know of any studies that have actually been done to determine whether there is any additional risk.

  41. I've noticed that most child actors or really young actors 15 or younger who win an Oscar/Emmy almost always face tragedy.

  42. If Finch was pushed to Supporting actor, there is a great chance of “Network” sweeping all acting categories. William Holden could win as best actor and I don’t think Jason Robards would beat Finch, even though I love his performance.

  43. I thought of that scenario aswell but the thing is, will the Academy ever allow such thing to take place?

  44. I don’t think it will happen either. Just thought about the scenario. I think A Streetcar Named Desire was even closer of achieving this. If Bogart already was an Oscar winner, I believe Brando had a decent chance of winning.

  45. I was shocked when I found out Brando was the only one who didn't win that night. That would've never crossed my mind.

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