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  1. I can't wait for the day internet shitposters actually trigger an international incident lmao

  2. Do you know of other similar books? I also loved it, and wish to read more like that

  3. The sound gets shorter in the plural?

  4. Yeah😂 im not a native french speaker, but im in France right now. I tried to buy 10 eggs in a butcher shop, and pronounced the plural as "öf" instead of just "ö". The guy looked at me like I has 2 heads!

  5. Whoa, I'm listening to it right now and I did not know that. It's super accessible (so far) in case anyone was wondering if it would be full of technical jargon they couldn't parse

  6. I agree with you for the most part but I wonder if he plans to do this every year? Because that’s not sustainable if he’s in another relationship unless that partner is included too.

  7. Why wonder about such a question now? I could also wonder if an asteroid will strike earth. I feel like a lot of comments are trying to drag this dude down for nothing

  8. I understand kids come first and this is why I stay far away from guys with kids. You'll always be second. I wouldn't be okay with this either but he has a right to do whatever he thinks is necessary to be a great dad. The good thing about this is you don't have to put up with this baggage and you can leave.

  9. I understand your sentiment, but my god, "baggage", for wanting to be the best father possible. Give me a fucking break. The world nowadays is sick

  10. I imagine they have the infrastructure for it, but is it difficult to travel around there in the winter?

  11. There was always going to be a TikTok. If it wasn't TikTok, it would have been another similar app. Our brains have been wired to seek short term dopamine hits nowadays, everybody's addicted. Social media is our cigarettes, one swipe is equal to a puff of a cigarette. I might argue that smoking has even more benefits to be honest, at least it has a social aspect to it, all TikTok and other social medias do is make us relieve dopamine for zero effect while dwelling alone inside in ultimate comfort not seeking to better our lives or anyone else's, making us truly complacent and neutered

  12. When I was in high school, I was hanging out a lot with an Austrian kid who spoke French almost perfectly. He had a very slight accent, but it was not necessarily noticeable if you didn't pay attention.

  13. Could you please explain when to use alors and when donc? I struggle with this too

  14. It's been decent against most currencies except the dollar.

  15. I remember the crazy people in Oulu driving their bikes 365 days a year, but almost all of them had studded tires.

  16. 2019, I listened to The Plugs I Met a lot. I had not even heard of them before, but for some reason it popped up on my spotify before my flight to Paris, and I was addicted. Crowns for Kings is still one of my favorite tracks

  17. Maybe it will help here or in the future, but when talking about hard things one approach can be to talk about the problem from your perspective, how you feel. If you talk about yourself and how you are impacted you are just sharing your experience, there is a lot less accusations for them to get defensive over. We often don’t connect what things mean to someone until we understand the emotions connected to it. You have a conversation with someone and they say something with a lot of negative energy the first thought is ‘they are mad at me, I’ve done something wrong’ and people go into defence mode when it’s something where they haven’t actually done a wrong action, instead of the conversation being about how to fix the situation it becomes about arguing if they did something wrong or not (and In a situation like this you probably don’t want to be stuck on arguing over who is at fault, you want a conversation revolving around figuring out what is going on.) In reality in this situation I mentioned the other person is trying to express a need and the frustration and anger is how the experience is making them feel. So when there is lots of negative emotions we often need to communicate what we are actually feeling because to others other person it might just seem like we are attacking them. I start by identifying my own emotions, ‘this is what is happening and it makes me feel like x’ and give details about how it’s been impacting me and then maybe saying ‘I’m confused why it’s happening and I don’t know what to make of it,’ ‘we need to talk about this so I can understand what is going on because it’s seriously impacting me.’

  18. Wow, this is fantastically written. I needed to see this, thank you.

  19. Haha, I think Helsinki aiport might be the most expensive place on the planet. Only good thing is (like in all Finnish airports) is the possibility to refill your water bottle with actually good water. I mean I guess it functions well also, so not the worst airport. But damn the prices

  20. Why should you have to tell them? I thought the common consensus on this sub was that the past is the past

  21. I understand why they ditch after knowing that. A week maybe but how would you have anything in common to entertain 5 months? Maybe I’m ignorant but that do say something about you imo, and (if you’d lie about it) i would really reconsider the relationship if i found it out later. Don’t lie tho, it will make you look even worse off.

  22. Acting like people can't just fuck for 5 months. I don't consider op to be satan's incarnate like some of the commentors here

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