1. A LOT by my estimate. For example the 100 night / $23k spend maps pretty closely to United Airlines 1K membership requirements which are around $24k spend (or lots of flights + $18k spend). Anytime I fly through a major city (ORD, IAD, SFO, etc.), I count at least a dozen to 20 people who get on for the 1K pre-boarding call. And that's just ONE single airplane.

  2. Guaranteed Wow: The EDITION in Reykjavik, googled my name, found my website, dug through 10+ years of travel photos, found one that I had taken 7 years ago while driving through the deserts of Rajasthan, and printed it on a bar of chocolate and left it on the 15 foot long marble dining table in my suite with a hand written note.

  3. For $175, get the real deal. If you can find a different brand at a significant savings, check to see if it is UL-rated. Burning down your house/car is not worth it for a few bucks.

  4. 74 / $25k in the first 6 months of this year. Will probably double that by the end of this year. Anyway, my favorite benefits:

  5. AirPods Max worked like a dream for a 3 hour flight.

  6. You don't have to but if you total your car, you won't be compensated for that lost value either.

  7. Remove the battery, wait a minute, re-insert battery and try again. Fingers crossed that works since you’re on travel. Worst case, try to find a local camera store with another lens. My A1 is a battleship and hasn’t let me down in all my travels. 🤞

  8. Kendall's crossed-out ending comes underlined with some powerful foreshadowing from Jeremy Strong, who cleverly teased his sundown of an ending in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter following the final season premiere: "We finished filming on location somewhere I'm probably not allowed to say ... then I flew to Denmark, where I have a house near the ocean. I went to my house directly from the airport, took a long walk, sat on the beach, watched Kendall go down with the sun, and said, 'Adios.'"

  9. IMO RC is closer to a true luxury brand. JW I don’t really consider luxury by any definition, just a different full service brand.

  10. This is correct. Explains why RC honors very few of the Bonvoy premier perks while JW seems to honor most of them.

  11. Tesla is the only DCFC (unless you count 50kw as fast) between me and Canada, which is 400 miles away. If the adapter is available soon I will be using it regularly as my Mach-E will no longer be a town car at that point. I'm curious about the adapter though, I didn't think any adapters could handle super charger load.

  12. The Tesla Tap Adapter won't work at a SuperCharger. It's only designed to work at Level 2 chargers, such as the

  13. Oh yes they can. I have had one or two front desk agents comment on my collection of points (several million).

  14. Nice! What version? I’ve got 4.1.81 and I don’t have this feature. I love the use of the island in the Uber app as well.

  15. Stereotypes exist for a reason, and the perception you have is true. Moving from Seattle to the East coast was a culture shock. East coast is definitely full of very busy people and we come across as curt and rude. That said, once you realize it for what it is, you'll have no problem blending in. Hey, at least we're punctual!

  16. On your phone app, your boarding pass should show "United Premier 1k" above your QR code. If it does, you board when they call for 1k pre-boarding. Sometimes, they call 100,000 mile members (to prevent group 1 folks from thinking that group 1 is the same as 1k). Your boarding pass will still show Group 1 but you can ignore that.

  17. Easy option: Fill-in flash. Use an external shoe-mounted flash, set it to TTL and let it do its thing. Expose of the outside, and the flash will fill in the interior. This is wedding photography 101. Learn to manipulate light by adding your own light and you will level up your game.

  18. Highly recommend a wide or ultra wide zoom. See attached report from Lightroom that shows what lenses I used. Two must have lenses are: wide zoom and a normal zoom. Going wider than 24mm is a must as there are lots of large features (waterfalls) where the best location to shoot is very close to it. Tele is nice as well, I’d you can afford it.

  19. Take it to a reliable tire shop in your area. If it is in the tread, get it patched. If it’s in the shoulder, I’d replace the tire. These are heavy cars and I don’t recommend relying on a nail to stay plugged.

  20. $15 for a 3 second lap dance seems steep.

  21. Jack mode is not activated in the service menu until you step on the brakes. You also have to scroll all the way down on the service menu to see that button.

  22. So odd it doesn’t come up for me at all

  23. The car is in park (not neutral or a drive mode) and you’ve got a foot on the brake? Yeah, that is weird.

  24. Sold my 28-70/2.8 for this and absolutely love it. Most heavily used lens and it gets paired with two primes.

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