1. Is this game a good game for someone who wasn't good at any souls games and got easily pissed at losing progress? I ask because it really looks good.

  2. Yes, this game is about a million times better than DS in that there’s immediate fast travel, you can level up at any site of grace, and there are way more abundant sites of grace.

  3. Personally I don’t understand people saying Stardew is relaxing. I love it dearly but certainly don’t play it to relax

  4. I hate the clock! Opposite of relaxing. I’d look away from my Switch for a minute to pet my cat or do something and … dragged back to bed, lost the day and however much money. Having to rush back home, when my character walks slow as heck, while the clock runs out. Made me dislike the game so much.

  5. I tried on my $29 butternut brown nulu grooves and like. 😭 they’re so comfy and cozy but they’re also so sheer and thin? I know it’s the point of nulu, but how the hell do you wear these out when underwear and lines are so visible?

  6. This is the worst part of getting to O + S and not having any humanity left. Apart from Painted World, you can put down your summon sign and help people fight O + S, if you win, gain some humanity.

  7. Oh jeez! Great username by the way, wish I thought of that! Thanks for this guide, somehow I totally forgot about them. And ah, jeez, that’s definitely quite a few kills :( I’ll keep them in mind, I hate falling off the beams but honestly it might be better than running back to the Depths …

  8. If she’s going to be an influencer and profit off the show, and we’re going to have to hear about her forever, people are allowed to share her political posts. People are allowed to make an informed decision on whether they want to follow her + contribute to her profiting off the show.

  9. He’s soooo good-looking, I’m so jealous of her! They make such a cute couple, I hope it’s true tbh

  10. Sorry but Zach giving his FIR to a potential villain who may have photos of her in MAGA gear circulating is so funny to me, it hasn’t even been a week and this season is already shaping up to be messy

  11. On the bright side, to counteract the difficulty, you can de spawn the enemies anywhere if you kill them ~12 times. So it makes farming rare gear hard but it’s a fun system for this reason.

  12. Do you have any other simple tips to make it easier in the beginning? I find it the most miserably hard Souls game with the mobs, ganking, and health bar cutting. Not seeing the difficulty to enjoyment ratio balanced out yet :/

  13. Why are you going with distance v. melee? It’s extremely frustrating but I would just try sprinting and rolling up to the one to the right on the ledge while ignoring the other, and doing two heavy attacks in quick succession, should stagger him and drop him to the ground and only take two hits depending on your weapon - but your end + strength are super high so seems plausible and about right. It takes multiple tries but sprinting right up to him always worked for me better than trying to hit them from a distance :( He’ll switch to melee as you get up close.

  14. This is my second playthrough, I know what’s past them. On my first, I had the dexterity to shoot at him, but here I didn’t. Compared to the rest of it, the whole goddamn game, these four enemies, two bat demons, two silver knights, are the worst thing ever. I tried to rush them and just knock one off and then the other, which almost worked, but I’m wearing black armor, so I’m fatrolling, and even then, 4 arrows will kill me, and they did.

  15. Oh no :( Sorry. Man, it’s the worst part of the game. I feel like Sen’s Fortress into Anor Londo is so miserable. I always ended up getting knocked off by him like ten times (after being knocked off by the bats and having to do it all over again) before I’d eventually get lucky in killing him with melee. I always tried to roll and rush up the buttress but yeeeep, death ensues more often than not. Fat rolling is not fun if you’re trying to get up the ledge quickly.

  16. Yessss! It’s shocking to me how many of these 25+ year old men say they’ve never been in love and never had a serious relationship. Nayte? Chasen? Matt James? The thing is, it’s not like they were never in relationships, I think all of them dated women on and off for years but still didn’t consider themselves to ever be “in love” with them. That has to be so painful hearing back if you’re the ex.

  17. I think you're thinking of Reality Steve, who fits that description lol

  18. it’s still so weird to me that Reality Steve is like this random 50 year old straight man and dated a Big Brother contestant that’s like 20+ years younger than him 😭😭 girl if you were looking for clout that was a strange option

  19. It hurt to sit, I lost all the fat from my butt and I would get really uncomfortable. I felt like I needed to bring a pillow with me everywhere

  20. not being able to sleep on your side without your bony ass knees jutting out and rubbing together is the worst

  21. Anyone else see Target Deal days coming up?? I'm excited and hoping we see a discount on some clothes. They have some really cute work pants in stock right now.

  22. I feel like Target is really coming through with the cute clothes lately!!

  23. Yes!! It also sounded like he’s fed her a story and she has chosen to believe it wholeheartedly.

  24. Someone did a deep dive on Hailey and Justin and she was waiting in the wings for yeeeeears. He was leading her on while dating and screwing dozens of other women (not just Selena). He dated and hooked up with so many different models and occasionally hooked up with Hailey, and Hailey was just waiting for her chance to become a more permanent fixture.

  25. Any chance at all you have the link? I read it late one night and forgot to save it and keep meaning to go back and look for it. Thanks!!

  26. https://www.reddit.com/r/KUWTK/comments/r1ne0y/deep_dive_pt_2_kendallbieberhaileyselena_timeline/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  27. Oh myyyy I have Luminizer in my cart and I feel like you just convinced me! Looks so radiant and pretty!!

  28. Honestly, this area still gives me nightmares. I had to pull up a YouTube guide and follow it step by step, just because I was so tired of killing those damn man serpents and dealing with the boulders. I have killed like ten thousand man serpents it feels like 😭 And it’s such an annoying area so soon after dealing with Blighttown. But you’ll get through it soon!!!

  29. Did anyone think this was actually going to go through? I knew the second they announced in August with no concrete plan or follow-through, just a vague “uhhhh maybe October?” that it wouldn’t work.

  30. Let her let loose and get that influencer cash. Signed, another professional who burned out in the last few years and is doing weird shit these days

  31. Exactly, I get that our society celebrates grinding yourself down to dust in the pursuit of professional goals, but I can’t even imagine how burned out she is. Medical school, residency, and then getting her MBA (?) while also working as a doctor during the pandemic? She’s probably suffering from some serious damn burnout. Who can blame her for being tired and needing a break?

  32. I don’t know, I haven’t watched Paradise yet but it’s nice that someone so accomplished, successful, and hard-working gets to just let loose and unwind for a little bit. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with acknowledging your sexuality and just being a little wacky on the beach, doctors are allowed to have relationships and fun too?

  33. Anyone else frustrated that Biden announced the forgiveness plan without actionable rollout or an immediate application, because they knew challenges like this would come?

  34. the sub loves to pick and choose. there has been SO much chatter about the liberal gf/conservative bf trope and how problematic it is - where's the posts about bryan? the sub loves rachel, so they'll never come.

  35. Rachel is very wealthy and always has been, I think she’s a lot more centrist and moderate than people are willing to admit. She has had some very tone-deaf shilling ads and seems out of touch in terms of her wealth and lifestyle.

  36. Yeaaa I agree with everyone. She’s playing the same quirky, ostentatious spitfire with a bad accent in every movie recently. Babylon is the same exact thing, too.

  37. Exactly. The movie just feels like an endless stream of trauma porn & the graphic assault scenes are horrifying.

  38. Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky situation. Wish we had Twitter then, but also a lot more collective knowledge and awareness of the power imbalance that took place. She was so incredibly young and treated unfairly and he came out of this situation unscathed. If it took place now, the public would DESTROY HIM and I would watch it all go down with a smile on my face. 🙃

  39. Yes! I remember growing up and as a kid hearing about how disgusting and immoral she was. I thought she was in her thirties or forties when it happened. The power imbalance part was never mentioned, just her “doing something terrible.”

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