1. Loving the map! Good shout on the script btw, it was all too tempting to glance at the name the first few rounds :D

  2. Woods tiles provide +1 production, +1 Faith to Holy Sites, +1 appeal to surrounding tiles, and +1 appeal to the tile it's on when Conservation is unlocked. Higher appeal grants your National Parks a higher Tourism bonus, and more housing in Preserves and Neighborhoods.

  3. That's a really good shout, never thought of that. I love still learning new things after all this time!

  4. Hey dude, I hear your rant and I feel your pain, I am currently struggling with a place called Ecuador (Galapagos rounds in particular) but not gonna stop until it's done lol

  5. Dude, imagine doing Christmas/Faroes without map line. Screw that. You would be memorising where road lines end up in towns 😂

  6. I think luring locals into your adventure always helps! Taps forehead

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