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  1. People really will act like you killed their mom if you’re not charmed and delighted while being sexually assaulted by their beast

  2. Idk why I always think of quality when i see Panasonic, and then they horribly disappoint me when I buy their products and yet i Keep doing it, maybe a very effective marketing? Great Tvs in the 90s? Who knows

  3. I’ve had a Panasonic microwave for like 40 years, so I guess they used to be good and are coasting on previous success

  4. My grandma was 96, and she wanted canned cream of whatever soup, made with milk, and with butter, salt and pepper added. Everyday for lunch. Visiting nurse saw me preparing it and was scolding me ..what was this doing to her cholesterol and blood pressure? At 96, did she really think it was an issue?

  5. My uncle’s aunt was well into her nineties when she died, maybe even her 100s not sure. The nursing home wouldn’t let her eat chips bc “she might choke.” So… no chips for the rest of your life because you might die at 100 years old. Oh no!

  6. I mean, that's more understandable because there's a liability problem, and it's traumatic for the staff if it happens. Heimliching an old lady also sounds like you'd snap her in half.

  7. Idk if the stress is getting to me, but the reply doesn't make any sense. I'm confused. Anyway, nice larp.

  8. What about this is unrealistic to you? Even if anon is larping there could be many such cases

  9. Do people do this? Sure! Do they then post on 4chan about it, thereby confirming all the incels beliefs about women? Not a chance.

  10. Don't get a Bluemoon, or just don't get beer. Beer is gross, it's like tea made with grains and wheat.

  11. OMAD is good for you. You wouldn’t be such a fat bitch

  12. Unpopular opinion but that’s the same reason I’m not a fan of queen. It’s a little to operatic for me, but queen is still an amazing artist and vocalist; no doubt about it.

  13. Queen is the name of the band. The guy who does the operatic vocals is Freddie Mercury, tho he is not the only guy who sings in Queen.

  14. I was moreso speaking on behalf of Australia and US, pretty much most of Europe is fantastic from those ive met. But Aussies and Yanks are insufferable

  15. Someone who’s really paranoid that you’re gonna cheat on them. Everybody worries about that sort of thing from time to time, but some people are really obsessed with the idea that their partner is gonna fuck somebody else. Homie if you can’t trust someone, don’t date them.

  16. If I remembered correctly, this was a skit that caught the media’s attention a couple of years ago no?

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