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  1. Is there a more scandalous woman in America than Erika Jayne?

  2. “I met Sanjit on the Bumble” I love her.

  3. Come on. You’re telling me Mauricio also knew about this and didn’t tell Kyle. On top of PK not telling Dorit. I can’t even imagine how often those two guys go out together and keep things from their wives!

  4. My Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer when I was 21 and passed when I was 22 so this post in particular resonates with me. I’m so sorry for your loss and unfortunately I know exactly what type of emotions you’re going through. It’s extremely difficult and I’ve honestly lost friends because I am a different person now and they don’t understand that or what it’s like because they haven’t had that same type of loss. It’s all so complicated, everything hurts, I hate sugar coating how I feel about it. It’s heartbreaking. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  5. It's not even been a week and I don't feel like the same person at all. I don't even recognize who I was before all this.

  6. Trust me when I say that you aren’t alone in feeling like this. You may always separate the person you were before this (especially since I know we were both happier when our Moms were here) with the person you are now. Just know you have an internet stranger here who gets it and I’m sending strength your way.

  7. I know a lot of people really didn’t enjoy her time on VPR. However, I will say I also lost my Mom to cancer when graduating college and I appreciated her being vulnerable about that at times on the show. I reached out to her via Instagram dm when it aired and she responded a few times with extremely kind and encouraging words. Say what you will about her but she seems like a good person at heart!

  8. Cannot recommend enough Tatcha’s the Kissu Lip Mask. I also recommend aquaphor!

  9. As someone whose Mom passed away from cancer a few months before I began law school...OP I cannot tell you how infuriated I am by the treatment you received. I can’t even imagine what those weeks were like for you. It is so gross to me that they blatantly disregarded something so traumatic during a pandemic nonetheless. My sincerest condolences internet stranger.

  10. Thank you for taking her in and for giving her all the love, care, and medical attention she needs. Warmed my heart to see this and to see how far she has come with you🥺

  11. This is actually one of my least favorite things about law school because it fosters this environment.

  12. I am so sorry. I’m a 24F and lost my Mom when I was 22. I hate cancer so much because it robs us of time and life with our loved ones. It can be so hard to relate to other people at times because if they haven’t been through it, they just don’t understand. It’s just simply not fair. Hearing that you have been bullied for it though? Makes me irate. People can be so shitty and for no reason. They have no idea about the trauma you’ve gone through and how mentally scarring and debilitating that can be and at six years old. Seeing my Mom in hospice at 22 destroyed me. I think that you are so incredibly strong. I don’t know if it will make you feel better, given that you’re struggling right now. However, I will say that something that could help is actually being a resource for others who have lost a parent at a similar age. Think about the type of person you would have wanted to talk to you in the months or years after you lost your Mom that had the knowledge and wisdom to be a helpful person even just to listen and say it’s ok to not be ok. I try to be a resource for others and it makes me happy knowing my Mom would have wanted me to take the worst thing to ever happen and use it to help others and in turn ultimately help myself in my grief journey. I would also recommend something called Dinner Party if you want to google it!

  13. I’m so glad that someone brought this idea/thread back up. It’s always worth noting. I decided to start a rewatch not long ago and my boyfriend had never seen or heard of the show. I’m pretty sure before I even brought it up to him he was adamant he thought Kristen and Jax were still together after it came out on the show they hooked up. I was like even an outside non bias person sees it clearly. When we find out he cheated on Brittany I genuinely was shocked it was Faith and not Kristen. It would have just made an unbelievable amount of sense. It sealed the deal for me with how he was discussing her relationship with Carter in the later seasons. At the bare minimum if they never slept together again, they were some kind of weird protective feelings over the other that they never let go..

  14. Rewatching RHONY and I am on Season 1 Episode 4, starting at minute 8:07, Ramona, her friend Joni, and another friend are out at dinner. A man approaches to hit on them and says “Are you three models?” And goes on to offend Joni by calling her promiscuous. I genuinely believe this is Luann’s Tom but I couldn’t find a thread about it!

  15. The nova light diy or nova light!! Hoping to have them in all different colors someday on my island!

  16. Sorry ur the 4th commenter, but i can still give you 2mill bells but I don’t have anymore nmts. Is that ok?

  17. Just interested in checking out the DIYs and items to catalogue some furniture!

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